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Memorize – Chapter 9




9. Using Privilege (3)





In Hall Plain this ‘Strength’ or to be more precise, the ‘Player’s Information’ was what this world saw as the most important thing. It shows the Player’s year(s), Alignment, Ability and Attribute in one place. People would judge if you are strong or not based on this ‘Player Information’.


I’m not sure if this was what made everyone egotistical. I wasn’t even sure if these ‘privileges’ were real or not. But I have something that no one else did:


10 years worth of experience in Hall Plain.


I want to continue living. And if I want to continue living, I would need strength. The willpower to live on, is also needed if you yearn for strength.


I’ve been thinking about what abilities I should upgrade, and what I must do in order to become stronger. I thought, researched and even hypothesised. Having 48 points raised in Magic Power alone and raising it to the level of an advanced mage was not because I relied on sheer luck alone.


I could’ve never imagined that the knowledge that I had been holding on for so long would be well suited to better utilise the privilege that had been given to me.


The randomly selected Latent Abilities was well within what I had predicted it to be. As I read the name of the abilities that had filled the empty slots, I was slightly relieved. The only thing left to do is to select the Unique Ability, Special Ability and Latent Abilities.


After a long time of selecting and deselecting the Unique, Special and Latent Abilities did I release a sigh of satisfaction.


“Whew. I’m finally finished.”




I felt like I was being watched. There is only one other person present in the Summoning Room right now. So there was no need to look to see who it was.


Seraph’s farewell speech was heartwarming. But my grudge that had built up for 10 years didn’t just disappear. Now that I know the other part of the story, I know that I for sure can’t return the affection.


I purposefully ignored Seraph by not looking in her direction. But after a while, it started to get annoying. In the end I couldn’t completely ignore her gaze and asked.


“What do you want.”


My voice was filled with nothingness, but her eyes started to shine a little. After briefly exchanging looks, she spoke to me in a softer tone.


“With Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s Attributes, Unique Ability, Special Ability and Latent Abilities that had been selected using the privileges in mind, I have picked out the remaining two Latent Abilities to match with the Sword Specialist class. There are some things that can be said about Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s choices.”


“Oh? Who was the one who thought about that? Is it-”


“Your Assistant formed them.”


I was feeling a little surprised at Seraph’s sudden response. Was this angel cracking a joke? Or is she being serious? I didn’t know if she was being serious or not but I subconsciously gave her a slight nod.


“Okay then… What were you saying?”


“I think that Player Kim Su-Hyeon deeply understands the Attributes and the Abilities… It’s as If Player Kim Su-Hyeon is a Player who has experienced life in Hall Plain for quite some time.”


“Hahaha. That’s a nice joke you got there.”


I suddenly felt my heart drop into my stomach. But I didn’t show it on my face as I calmly glanced at Seraph as she shook her head.


“No, nevermind. It’s nothing”


“I do admit that I have a rather unique personality.”


“I am not talking about your personality. Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s decisions when using the privileges were quite… Efficient. It is surprisingly better than the choices we angels predicted Player Kim Su-Hyeon would make. Such a decision would be rather impossible unless you have experienced life in Hall Plain beforehand.”


“Wait. You’re not taking back my privileges are you?”


“No. Let me clarify, Player Kim Su-hyeon doesn’t need to worry about the privileges. We Angels are different from you humans. Our words do not have any underlying meaning. I understand that Player Kim Su-hyeon is trying to provoke the Angels. That is all.”


I could hear Seraph’s honesty seeping through her words. Which was at the time, quite profound.


Even if I did do some research on this, I had based my decision on the one Player that used to hold this class.


It was the price you have to pay if you want to become famous. Though one of the big reasons I had remembered him is because of the name that we shared.


The Sword Specialist Jin Su-Hyeon.


At the time, the Sword Specialist class was every mages’ worst nightmare and it was famous for its dominating power during the Great Magus War.


Jin Su-Hyeon was a Player that had entered Hall Plain a year later than me. But with his effort, he was able to close the one year gap that had separated me and him. Not to mention his talent that overshadows mine.


There’s no use thinking about him anymore. Since it’ll be near impossible for me to try and get Jin Su-Hyeon’s information right now. We weren’t even close in the first place and he’s not a crazy person who’d go around and show others his Player’s Information.


So even If I want to follow in his footsteps, I’d probably only be able to follow 20% of what he did. Then, I’d have to forge my own path for the remaining 80%. I have the foundation ready, I now only need to build my building. Even though it’ll be hard, I have faith in my 10 years worth of experience and effort.


“Stop staring at me like that!”


Showing my discomfort, Seraph quietly closed her mouth.


‘In this life, I’ll be the one who’ll become the Sword Specialist.’


It’s not like I felt sorry or anything but I decided to send my prayers to Jin Su-Hyeon.


‘Someone who’s talented like you would probably succeed with any Class. So don’t worry about it.’


After giving him my ‘I hope you do well’ prayer, I immediately moved on to the next privilege.


The fourth privilege.


4. Player Kim Su-Hyeon is able to perform Body modification once.


Even though it mentions the body modification procedure, there is nothing special about it. Replacing a body part with a mechanical one or becoming a completely different being. I have seen many times where people deliberately try to replace their body parts.


But in most cases, the body modification procedure has only happened because of accidents where people lost their limbs. Seeing that I still have all my limbs healthily attached, I didn’t want to give a healthy limb away.


I can become stronger even without this method.


I did, however, thought about the tattoo drawing procedure. This procedure’s success is essential for my plan. If it fails, then I can guarantee that the success rate of my plan would not even reach 30%. The Item that I was going to request using my fifth privilege is quite dangerous but powerful.


With the 3rd privilege still ongoing, I decided to immediately request for the tattoo procedure to continue.


“Hmm… Let’s see. I don’t need any extravagant modifications. I think I’ll just go for something simple like a tattoo.”


“That is possible. I shall show Player Kim Su-hyeon the chart. Please wait for a moment.”


“Ah, don’t worry about it. I already know what I’m going to get. It’s called the Ancient Shaman’s Seal.”


“Where would you like the tattoo to be etched?”


Looking indifferent, I raised my right hand in front of my face. When I saw Seraph following my right hand, I moved the hand and pointed it to a particular spot at my left chest.


“My heart. I want the tattoo on my heart.”


“Did you say… your heart?”


“What if I did?”





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Chapter 9