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Memorize – Chapter 7




7. Using Privilege (1)



An unknown source is giving you power. Strength has been slightly increased.


An unknown source is making you swiffer. Agility has been slightly increased.


Your inner Magic Power is expanding like an explosion! You are almost at your limit! Magic Power has been greatly increased!


Lady Luck smiles on you! She has set her sights on you! Luck has been greatly increased!


Seeing those messages, I can’t believe that Strength and Agility have increased significantly.


Even though Strength is also good, having 96 Agility points in Hall Plain is so rare that the users with that kind of stats could be counted on one hand.


Still, I had expected for my Magic Power and Luck to increase greatly. Though it sounded like an ordinary event message, it was still giving me that nostalgic feeling.


‘It’s really been a long time since I felt this excited. It’s unfortunate that my Vitality didn’t increase but…’


Even then, I had never expected to be granted these privileges in the first place. Just this much was already extraordinary. Willing my thumping heart to relax, I called up the Player Status Window.



Player Status
1. Name: Kim Su-Hyeon (year(s) 0)
2. Class: -
3. Race: Terran
4. Clan: ---
5. - Nationality: - Korean
6. Sex: Male (23)
7. Height - Weight: 181.5 cm - 75.5 kg
8. Alignment: Lawful-Chaos
[Strength 86] [Resistance 92] [Agility 96] [Vitality 78] [Magic Power 48] [Luck 36]

[Strength 94] [Resistance 92] [Agility 98] [Vitality 78] [Magic Power 90] [Luck 88]
(You Have Zero Remaining Attribute Points)



‘Strength increased by 8 points, Agility by 2 points, Magic Power by 42 points, Luck by 52 points. 108 points increase in total.’


‘Good. This is really good. My attributes are now quite high compared to before.’


Although this was something I should be happy about, my Vitality is still a huge problem for me. As I constantly compared it to my other Attributes, my heart was filled with despair.


‘Why did Luck increase instead of Vitality….’


Compared to the other Attributes, Vitality is the most important one. It’s so important that it could be called the core.


If you use a car as an example, then the Magic Power would be the car engine, and the Vitality would be the fuel. I currently had 78 points in Vitality, which is quite low.


‘It would be enough but still…. hah….’


Human greed is still unavoidable for me. Even though my Attributes were so much better than before, my desire was still not satisfied.


My mind wandered, but for now, I decided to ignore it and continue on. There still were more privileges to accept. I needed to refrain from leisurely wasting time.


“Player Kim Su-Hyun. Are you ready to receive your next privilege?”


“Hmm. Then….. No, wait a moment.”


The moment I was about to agree, I reflexively shook my head in a no. I couldn’t choose what attributes I was going to get and that’s why I chose to receive it without thinking.


But it’s different for the other privileges because I could choose what I want. I need to be cautious and focused when making every single decision.


“Seraph. Can you tell me how much time is left till the Rite of Passage.”


“1 hour, 42 minutes and 23 seconds.”


“Wait, wait, give me a moment to think. For 30 minutes…. No, 10 minutes.”


“That is fine.”


I immediately closed my eyes and started to plan my next course of action.


In Hall Plain, I was strong.


I was very strong. The Code Zero that I’ve held in my hands before proved that. While I had the qualification to be called strong, I knew that I could never claim to be the ‘best’ or the ‘strongest’.


I was far from achieving such a title. My low Magic Power had been the shackle that weighed me down.


Although the problem related to my Magic Power has been solved for now, it won’t be wrong for me to say that I’m reaching the bottleneck. Though thinking about it, it wouldn’t be wrong to say my physique had also hit its limits as well.


My Player Status showed that I was in my 0th year but I had already loaded up 10 years worth of growth.


Attributes can be gained through rewards, equipment and elixirs.


However, the most common but difficult way to increase it consistently is through ‘training.’


Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it’s all bad.


I saw that average Players would only reach the 70-80 point range through training alone before the growth stopped.


If you take that into consideration, my Attributes were quite amazing.


‘Though, my Attributes would be considered ordinary at one point.’


There were always special cases that jumped beyond prediction. There are some Players whose attribute started off with 70 points and above. Rather, I should prepare myself when I get into such situations.


The miracles and mishaps I experienced in my first time around… there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t happen again. I needed the strength to fulfill my desires.


I opened my eyes.


Seraph was still sitting on top of the altar, waiting for me. looking at her, I quietly opened my mouth.


“Seraph, I would like to continue with the Class Selection.”


“Accepted. Player Kim Su-Hyun’s request has been received. The Player is given priority access to select a Class before Rite of Passage and admission into Hall Plain. In addition, for one time only, the Secret Classes will be revealed only for you.”


Class selection is the final process that grants the Player a right to use the Player Status menu.


To be more specific, after surviving the Rite of Passage and right before entering Hall Plain, there is a process a person has to pass through in the Summoning Room.


I have skipped through all of it and have gotten access to the Player Status right from the start.


I had already decided to choose a Swordsman related Class this time as well.


My Magic Power had increased, making other Class choices to open up, but I had already thought this through.


I just had a feeling that Swordsman would be the best selection, as I had already walked this path before. A shortcut was right in front of me, there was no need to step on new grounds that I don’t know anything about.


A notification filled with information floated up in the air. Without even looking, I turned off the ‘show rare classes’ option. With only the Secret Classes left, I began to look through it carefully.



Job List (Secret)
[War Mage]
[Field Maestro]
[Requiem Assassin]
[Soul Commander]
[Jewel Mage]
[Death Knight]
[Priest of Brilliance]



‘Nope…. Not this…. Hmm…. I’m sure that guy definitely had this Class….’


Were there always so many Secret Classes? I momentarily lost the ability to speak as I saw more Secret Class than I thought existed.


Complaining wouldn’t help me. So, I turned to Seraph for help.


“Seraph. Is it possible to only show me the Swordsman related Secret Class?”


“That can be easily done. Are you, perhaps, going to choose a swordsman related Secret Class?”


“And if I am?”


“I recommend it. It’s an excellent choice. Please wait a moment. I shall filter out the list immediately.”


Choosing a Class is important because the Special Ability and Latent Abilities are directly connected to it. The Available Classes are all based on your attributes.


Special Ability and Latent Abilities are then chosen based on the Class you’ve chosen.


“Filtering has been completed. I shall bring up the available swordsman related classes now.”




I once again looked meticulously through the Class that Seraph filtered for me. The one I wanted was a Class that could easily face a Mage. It was difficult for me to fight against a mage in the past because of my low Magic Power and Luck. I still get goosebumps every time I think about it.


‘Found it.’


As I reached the halfway mark on the list, I finally found the Class I wanted.



Job List (Secret)
[Sword Specialist]
[Mage Slayer]



Secret Classes from each Class category possessed a peculiar ‘power.’ The above two Class appeared in my first run, and the strength of these classes dominated all battlefields.


The Sword Specialist class is able to buff every sword-related move and has the ability to cut through anything that exists.


The Mage Slayer class, however, is able to resist most magic.


To be precise, any spell that was cast with Magic Power below 75 points is completely resisted. If the spell is casted by someone with at least 85 Magic Power then it’ll be an 80% damage resistance instead and if it’s at least 90 points, Then the damage reduction would be 50%.


If I wasn’t given time to think and instantly go with the class selection, I would have chosen the Mage Slayer without any hesitation.


If I could overlap one of the Latent Ability, Magic Resistance, with the special power, then unless it’s a Grand Magician that has dedicated their whole life trying to breach the mortal’s upper limits in magic that fights me, there’d be no way a mage can hurt me.


Fortunately though, I had thought it out before my selection, and my mind was set on choosing the Sword Specialist. The power to cut anything that exists…


I recalled the Player who had the Sword Specialist class. His might was nothing to laugh at either.


He cut, slashed and destroyed numerous spells. Like the leaves blown off by the Autumn wind, countless Mages that faced him were swept away.


The Mage Slayer was good, but the Sword Specialist is even better.




After a moment of reevaluating, selecting the Sword Specialist class is the best choice after all. Looking at this, it was no different from choosing an adventure. As if I was under some sort of trance, I opened my mouth and spoke with a light voice.


“I’ll go with the Sword Specialist.”



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Chapter 7