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Memorize – Chapter 6




6. Seraph, embarrassment and ten years rewindance (2)



The Rite of Passage is simply a place where a trial is held to prove your qualification as a Player.


A place where kidnapped people like me are gathered.


There are only two conditions for passing the exam.


Players need to survive for seven days, or arrive at the warp gate in seven days. In other words, “survival” is a necessary condition to prove one’s qualifications.


Those who succeed are called back to the Summoning Room. They are given classes that fits their potential, and finally enter the Hall Planes, which is a real dimension.


In a way, it’s a pretty unfair and sort of creepy test.


If you don’t meet the conditions of survival, you’ll be declared dead.


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon. Everything’s ready.”


While I was lost in my thoughts, I got Seraph’s signal that she was ready.


“Let me explain the privileges. First is-”


“I know. It’s all in my head, so I want it to start right away.”


“Alright. I understand that there is no need to deliver the information repetitively. So what privilege would you like to receive first?”


I tried to recall my first privilege.


“I’ll remind Player Kim Su-Hyeon the details of the privileges again. First, you can ‘load’ the Player Information that you achieved in the first round. then , four of Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s Attributes will be randomly selected and increased with a random amount.”


The amount that will be increased is also random. Some of the Privilege is luck relient.I really do think that there must be a reason why Seraph is telling me this.


I’m confident that she wants me to receive the first privilege before receiving any other privilege. This is because the privileges are reliant on the current Attribute of the Player.


If I ‘load’ up my previous round’s Player Information, the probability of things going according to my plan is high. I opened my mouth to speak without any hesitation.


“Seraph, and I’ll receive the privilege to load up my previous Player Information.”


“Yes. Recalling the Player Information entered under the Player’s name, Kim Su-Hyeon.”






[Complete. Load has been successfully completed.]


As soon as Seraph finished talking, I felt energetic all over. In addition, the slow flow magic in the skin became even faster. Even the body of a 23-year-old who has just been discharged from the army cannot be compared to a body that has achieved this kind of skill level.


When I stretched out my right arm hard, I heard a muffled sound. I checked the Player Information with a satisfactory mood. The attributes were all the same as it was in the previous round, but everything else has been reset to their initial state.


I was sad that my ‘Zenith’ title and achievements were gone, but I knew it was a necessary sacrifice so I threw away my feelings and moved on.


“Loading Player information successfully completed. Now Player Kim Su-Hyeon will be receiving the additional privilege. Remember, four out of the six attributes will be randomly increased. The amount that increases is random but it will depend on the potential and growth of the Player. Please keep this in mind.”


“I know that much.”


In other words, the higher the Attribute, the lower the change and vice versa. It was a law that had been equally applied to everyone, although there may be minor individual differences in potential.


There is a limit in how much an attribute can be increased through basic training, though there are some special cases like fate, Elixir, and achievement rewards.


Vitality, Strength and Magic Power.


I sincerely hope that these three powers will be raised. In my opinion, Magic Power is the most important thing. Followed by Vitality, Strength; Resistance and agility are on par with each other. And lastly, Luck.


Of course, if only one of the attributes is high and the others are terribly low, that could be a problem. However, the most efficient attribute to increase is Magic Power, as it can definitely support the other attributes to some extent.


“Then I’ll give it to you right away.”


‘I don’t care if Luck increases or not. But please! My Vitality, Strength and Magic Power has to increase. Even if I get the shittiest end result, then at least Magic Power and Vitality should increase!’


I don’t know if my fervent plea was heard, but before I knew it, the privilege seemed to be granted. The moment Seraph waved her hands once, four messages popped up in the air suddenly.



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Chapter 6