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Memorize – Chapter 5




5. Seraph, embarrassment and ten years rewindance (1)



Seraph, who had been together with me for ten years, disappeared into thin air.


‘So what’s going to happen now?’


The room’s empty now, but soon an angel would be summoned to the altar. A new angel could come out or Seraph could come out once again.


If the former happens, it may not matter, but if it’s the latter, then who knows what could happen?


I’m sure that she will have no recollection of all the memories she made with me, but a small part of me was disagreeing with me.


After waiting for about three minutes, the repercussions were definitely felt.


The space on the altar began to ripple like waves of water.


I had almost lost consciousness at first but I stayed strong.


White light leaked from the center of the ripple, which was spreading like a wave of concentric circles on the surface.


The light seemed to pour out for a moment and soon exploded like a firecracker, forming a dissonance of unique shapes.


I watched every single motion, not wanting to miss anything, as a new angel was born.


Soon after, an angel was found to have been created on the altar. Her eyes were still closed, but the figure seemed so familiar.


The swaying wings of holiness.


A radiance that removes the grace and noble colors that dare not be met. The angel who appeared looked exactly the same as Seraph.


She had perhaps felt my gaze because soon after she opened her eyes to look at me. For a short time, Seraph directed her light green eyes to face me.


‘It’s beautiful and so noble looking…’


Seraph, like the angels in novels and cartoons, had an irresistible look and holy energy emanating from her, her silvery white hair resembling silk glistening under the moonlight.


Her skin is so soft that it tempts people to squeeze it, not to mention her skin that boasts no blemishes.


The light in those jadeite eyes sparkled in the light. However, when a glimpse is taken at those exposed skin others, not a single feeling of desire arises, let alone lust.


Since the both of us are different in levels in the first place, our feelings for each other will be different. I could feel Seraph’s eyes trailing on me, surprised that I was awake. Stealing a glance at every inch of me with calm eyes for observation. I could feel her looking at me like how she used to do so in the past, and then I was convinced.


‘Seraph, it’s the same ‘You’ from ten years ago.’


At that moment, Seraph’s fine lips opened.


“Nice to meet you.”




“Welcome to the Summoning Room. Planet Earth, South Korea. Aged 23. Name. Kim Su-Hyeon. Your authentication is complete. From now on, I will call Kim Su-Hyeon a Player for convenience purposes. I’m Seraph, your Assistance starting from now.”




“Player Kim Su-Hyeon will be moved to a place called the Rite of Passage after receiving basic knowledge from here. And you have to prove your eligibility to be a true Player there.”




Seraph, who was speaking at a rapid pace, closed her mouth. She looked down with a look of ‘something isn’t right’.


When I saw Seraph like that, I felt a little refreshed. But I’ll have to get what I have to get first.


“I have a question…”


“I recommend you to avoid questions such as ‘where is this place?’ and ‘Why am I here?’. There are only two hours left before the Rite of Passage. Of course I understand that the current situation is confusing. But if you want to live and return back to your home then…”


Seraph started spouting words, but strangely she was right. Even if I’ve adjusted to some extent now, the old me would honestly be quite scared at first and speak with an expressionless face and a quiet tone, feeling like I’ve just seen a ghost. When I recalled that moment, I laughed for no reason.


After calming myself down, I answered calmly.


”Oh, alright.”


“The guides recommends Player Kim Su-Hyeon to spend the spend time adjusting to the situation.’”




Seraph’s brows frowned slightly, despite her mild acceptance. Her hands seemed to be slowly floating in the air, and she kept murmuring to herself many times.


“You don’t appear to have a mental illness… though you are strangely calm. How weird.”


“Who are you calling a psychopath?!… No, nevermind, it doesn’t matter. Seraph, is it not preferable for me to follow what you say obediently?”


”It is.”


”That’s fine, then what are you complaining about?”


”I’m not complaining. Anyways, that’s great. Player Kim Soo-hyun’s attitude is very desirable to survive. Survival rates will rise by leaps and bounds if we can maintain that attitude in the future.”


I raised my hand. Seraph finally saw my raised hand and stopped talking.


”I said I have a question.”


”Yes. All right, if that’s not related to one of the questions that I had mentioned earlier, then I’ll allow you to ask me a particular question.”


”No, not that. Don’t you have anything you want to give me?”


”Question Query is ‘Give’? I do not understand what you are trying to ask with this. Please give further details.”


“Well~ Ah, I probably only need to mention… What’s the word that I’m searching for? It’s probably ‘Tanay’.”


The moment I said Tanay, I could see Seraph shaking visibly.


‘I knew it.’


This reaction is very interesting, but I was getting a little worried. Though, She can’t actually stop me from getting the privilege .


“Tanay, I’m sure they mentioned something about Tanay.”


I took a glance at Seraph.


“But if I start with this power in year 0, there’ll certainly be some backdraws. For example, the balance might be broken…!”


“It won’t break the balance,”


Seraph answered without hesitation. Then she continued with a slightly stern looking face.


“I read the privilege. There were certainly a lot of exceptions. But still, you can’t be arrogant. Even if you are granted all that privilege , there will always be someone who has the ability to become stronger than you.”


Seraph, though, was still repeating the same thing. Anyway, it was enough to say, ‘Don’t be egoistical’.


It was quite different from the previous evaluation. I decided to admit it.


“Well, you don’t have to limit your evaluation to the Players. Anyone other than them can be granted the rights to enter the Hall Plains.”




Seraph’s eyes shook for a moment when she said ‘Hall Plains’.


“It will take a lot of time to set up all the privileges of Player Kim Soo-hyun. The current time is an hour forty seven minutes and twenty seven seconds. It will be a little tight on the schedule to go to the Rite of Passage now. My guess is, you already know what’s going on inside there right now.”


“Okay, skip it. That’s what I was hoping for in the first place.”


“I have manipulated the time flow so that it becomes slower, but I can only manipulate the flow within the compensation time. It will take some time to prepare before moving on. Hold on a second.”


While Seraph was getting ready, I thought about the Rite of Passage.



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Chapter 5