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Memorize – Chapter 21




21. Divided (1)


“Again? Why don’t you just shut up?”


Park Don Gul frowned at the blunt comment but he didn’t fight back.


Instead, he opened his mouth and spoke in a softer tone.


“Didn’t you hear what that lady said? We shouldn’t be fighting against each other.”


Why don’t you rethink what you did in the past before voicing out?


“Well, that’s that. But right now, we are only gathered here to share our opinions. So would you listen to me first?”


Park Don Gul’s words took the wind out of everyone’s sails as they shut their mouths to listen.


A sullen look appeared on Park Don Gul’s face as he tried to remember his mistakes.


“First of all, I apologize to everyone for what I did at that clearing. I was too rough with everyone, so I hope you guys won’t misunderstand me. That’s just how I usually speak.”


Park Don Gul looked at everyone before bowing his head a little.


While some of them were still dissatisfied with the apology, most of the gazes on Park Don Gul had softened.


He then slowly moved around the group to gather everyone’s responses.


Once he saw that the situation was under control, Park Don Gul went straight to the topic.


“I agree partly with what the bank teller said. Yes, arguing among each other right now will prove to be futile. So let’s just put aside our hatred and try to find a way to escape those monsters alive together, okay?”


“…Then what’s your plan?”


“As I said, I only agree with some parts of what the lady said, not all of it. But if I go straight to the point, some might not agree with me. First, I want you to realise the situation we are in.”


“Which part of the proposal did you not agree with?”


Lee Bo Rim grumbled as she questioned Park Don Gul.


He let out a grim smile as he replied,


“Sure, we need to find a way to survive, that’s quite obvious. However, I don’t think cooperating with everyone would work. I mean look at the situation!”


“…Just when I thought you’re going to suggest something good. Just go away then. Go on alone and just live by yourself.”


The blunt lady snorted in laughter, but Park Don Gul didn’t budge.


Instead, he put on a smug look and nodded.


“I have obviously thought of that.”


“Go, then.”


“Just hear me out. Listen to me till the end and then you can talk.”


An Hyun shot a look at Lee Bo Rim and the hot-tempered lady closed her mouth.


Finally gaining full attention from everyone, Park Don Gul continued to speak leisurely.


“I am rough and ignorant, but I don’t know how to lie. I am a simple man. Back at the clearing when I was running for my life, I did a lot of thinking. However, even after much thought, I still think that cooperating with everyone sounds like a stupid idea.


Everyone shivered as they were reminded of the horrible events that had happened. As if he had been waiting for that reaction, Park Don Gul continued on.


“Honestly, I wasn’t just afraid. I was beyond horrified. It’s quite embarrassing to tell you that my knees went weak and I almost peed myself. Think about it, would you stand still if you were to see things that only exist in televisions and movies right in front of your very eyes? If that soldier hadn’t reacted fast enough, we would’ve become the monsters’ snacks by now. Neither am I boasting nor am I threatening anyone, so don’t misunderstand me. I do know a thing or two about handling knives, but whatever the method, I won’t hesitate to kill even if it’s human. Why? Because I don’t want to die. What happened just now at the clearing was so sudden. I was surprised and I froze, but damn it! I want to live. So, if that happens again. I’m ready to use this knife as a weapon so that I can survive.”


Park Don Gul’s speech was a tad too long, but it was not the end.


Though many were still uncertain, the group of people began to gradually focus on what he was trying to say.


I already knew his true self, so I couldn’t help clicking my tongue at his stupid ploy.


I decided to let things be for now to see where it would go.


Park Don Gul was continuing his lengthy speech, pointing at each member of the group, one by one.


“You all might not have seen it, but I have. That thug-looking guy over there looks like he has been working out a lot. He even brought a weapon and killed some monsters, and… You, if you could act as much as your big mouth says, maybe you would’ve been the most useful person here. That guy holding a crossbow, I don’t even need to say anything about him. And those four can definitely help out a lot. So, what I’m saying is we can establish some kind of team with each other here. Don’t you agree?”


At Park Don Gul’s words, An Sol, Lee Shin Wu and Lee Bo Rim’s expressions darkened.


To conclude what he just said, he was implying that the four were the most useless people here.


After a while, Lee Bo Rim gathered up courage and spoke, “Aren’t you just saying that you can’t cooperate with useless people like us?”


“Woah, woah! Calm down, I haven’t even finished talking yet.”


“Just what are you talking about…”


“Can you do what that guy did there? Or maybe what the crossbow guy did? Do you think you can grab a knife or a stone and stab those monsters? Well, I can only think of one answer. No, especially you. You have only been sticking next to him and squeaking like a mouse whenever those bastards came out. That woman over there was at least able to keep her mouth shut. She didn’t bring us down like you did.”


The woman Park Don Gul was talking about was the one who asked me where I was going earlier.


She maintained her calm but cold facial expression.


There was a long silence before Lee Bo Rim spoke again with a shaky voice.


Compared to before, her voice was obviously softer.


“So basically, you are going to abandon those who are deadweights…”


Lee Bo Rim seemed to be unable to shake off what Park Don Gul said, and this made me wonder what kind of a person Park Don Gul was.


While I knew the plan in his mind, I saw something else in his act.


Earlier on, I thought that his head was only full of crap, but he had accurately analysed the current situation and made a logical judgement, regardless of his ulterior motives.


Seeing the suddenly unresponsive Lee Bo Rim, Park Don Gul’s confidence skyrocketed as he grinned, showing his yellowish teeth and replied.


“Why are you jumping the gun? I didn’t even say that. Don’t be so sensitive about it. If we are really going to work together, then wouldn’t that mean you will have to prove your worth? If we just went ahead with this blatant alliance, what do you think would happen? That thug-like guy will probably be too busy taking care of his girlfriend, and that girl would probably be frozen solid and drag us all down. What I’m saying is, I don’t want to cooperate with or protect some useless idiots. For me, my life is the most important thing. Isn’t that the same with you?”


The blunt lady didn’t seem to have anything else to say as she clenched her fists tightly.


Her face was undoubtedly red as she trembled with anger, but she didn’t retaliate.


After observing the state everyone was in, Park Don Gul decided that it was time to deliver the finishing blow as he spoke confidently.


“I’m sure everyone feels the same. Your own lives are above all else. If you agree with that, then let’s talk business. You have to recognise that we can’t cooperate with some of the people here. Just look at us right now, we are walking around blindly. You, the girl over there, don’t you agree?”


Being pointed at, An Sol glanced at Park Don Gyul with an embarrassed look as her lips quivered.


With her shuddering mouth, it seemed like she wanted to say something but words wouldn’t come out as she intended so she lowered her head.


Seeing her current state, Park Don Gul lifted his shoulders into a shrug and spoke arrogantly.


“This guy also agrees with me, right? Didn’t he tell the kid to leave on his own? If we did what the crossbow guy said, then we wouldn’t have been in such a situation, right? Why are you having such a reaction? I’m not spitting out nonsense, am I?”


It wasn’t complete nonsense.


Regardless of his hidden intentions, Park Don Gul’s evaluation of the situation was correct.


The problem was that he couldn’t at all bother with the people who needed help to survive.


“If you do think that I am wrong, prove yourself then. Go and try to kill one or two of those monsters and drag it right in front of me. I will shut up right then.”




Finishing what he had wanted to say, Park Don Gul moved back to his original spot.


I was curious about everyone’s reactions to the speech, so I slowly scanned the group.


An Hyun seemed to be in deep thoughts with his eyes closed while An Sol, who was beside him, was shivering slightly.


The most pitiful among them were Lee Bo Rim and Lee Shin Wu as I could see their teeth chattering due to nervousness.


Park Don Gul was definitely targeting the two of them.


For a while, no one spoke up until An Hyun did.


“I understand what you are trying to say.”


Though An Hyun had been silent most of the time, he spoke this time with a clear voice after a glance at his sister.


“Sol is not my girlfriend, she’s my sister. And I don’t have the slightest intention to abandon her.”




Touched, An Sol hugged An Hyun immediately.


Now seeing the two hugging, Park Don Gul who had no idea they were siblings said,


“Siblings? I didn’t know you two were siblings. Well, It’s not like we can do anything about that, but that doesn’t mean anything. Who could guarantee that what happened before won’t happen again?”




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Chapter 21