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Memorize – Chapter 20




20. Kim Su Hyeon, the Beginning to the Rite of Passage (7)


“Why are you leaving? If we are going to have a discussion, won’t it be better for everyone to give their opinion?”


The person who asked me was one of those two women whose Player Status I couldn’t see. She had a cold expression and she looked like she’s the same age as me, though she might probably be one or two years younger than me. She subconsciously reminded me of someone in the past…


‘Stop asking me that and figure that out by yourself.’


“…Those monsters could jump at us like what had happened in the clearing. I’ll keep watch just in case. So once the discussion is over, please call me over.”


“…Please don’t go too far away.”


I was a bit slow in responding but thankfully, I managed to slip away without causing any unnecessary suspicion. No one would argue against anyone wanting to stand guard in a dangerous area.


I began to trek down to find a place where I could hide for a while. After walking a good distance into the forest and hiding myself, I activated my Magic. My senses became even more sensitive and I could feel my sight and hearing becoming sharper. They wouldn’t be able to spot me from where I was. Though I hear their breathing and observe them with ease right now.


Having left the group, the uneasy atmosphere returned to the hill. The dreary feeling that those Deadmans might come and jump at them at any moment was not doing them any good either. I wasn’t sure if they were quiet or what but no one stepped forward. Everyone had a different expression tainting their face, but the one who stood out the most was Park Don Gul. It was as if he was thinking of something very important that his nose would be scrunched up and down then he would break into a grin. Is he really normal and not a psychopath?


Time was ticking.


In manhwa and those fairy tales, the hero would always appear amid danger, and everyone would survive and live on well and happily. Though from the looks of this party, that might not be the case. There is no leader that they could trust. Wasting time like this was not a good idea. As more time passed, their anxiety was slowly increasing and their heart was starting to pound faster, it was more than likely that they would start to lose their rationality and act purely on their instinct.


At that moment, two women stood up at the same time.


Standing in the middle of the group was Lee Bo Rim. Having stood up at the same time, the blunt-mouthed lady saw her and sat back down on the ground. It seemed like she was going to listen to what Lee Bo Rim had to say first. With hesitation in her eyes, Lee Bo Rim looked at everyone and spoke slowly.


“E-everyone, You all saw the monster that had attacked us just now. Truthfully… I still think that this is just a nightmare while the Angel was still speaking to me. But now, I have no choice but to accept that this is reality. I am scared. I am so scared that I think I am slowly going crazy. I am sure that there are those who are thinking like me as well.”


No one refuted what she had just said. Having felt like everyone was focusing on what she was saying, she began to become more confident in her speech now.


“Honestly, it was all thanks to the person who is keeping watch for us that we managed to survive. Even then, he is in the same situation and we can’t rely on him forever. Right now, we need to stop fighting, band together and look for a way to survive this hell.”


While it was a basic speech, Lee Bo Rim’s words held the core aspect of the Rite of Passage. Unite and act together. It looks like her speech managed to persuade some of them as the silent atmosphere of the hill started to slightly change. And the dead-looking Lee Shin Wu finally opened his mouth.


“Then Noona, what do you think we should do next?”


His words were hard to hear, but everyone knew what he was asking. She had wanted to try to tell them what they should do next. But sadly, Lee Bo Rim hadn’t actually thought so far ahead as she spoke with hesitation.


“I… I don’t really know… But what I do know is that we shouldn’t fight or argue with each other and just exchange our opinions while acting civilly.”


“I agree.”


That idiot Park Don Gul finally found his chance to speak and stepped forward.


Unlike before, the Park Don Gul right now seemed much softer and composed. Seeing that I immediately frowned. At first glance, he looked sincere but he couldn’t fool my eyes. I recognize what the expression he is wearing is for. It was an expression of someone who had practiced for a long time. This guy, without a doubt, was planning something bad.




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Chapter 20