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Memorize – Chapter 16




16. Kim Su Hyeon, the Beginning to the Rite of Passage (3)


“Hoi, Ahjussi. Enough already.”


An Hyun, who was silent till now, spoke up for the first time. Park Don Gul, who was about to slap the woman’s cheek, turned to face An Hyun and looked at him with a stupid look. I could see An Sol tugging at An Hyun’s collar.


However, An Hyun ignored her as he opened his mouth once more to speak.


“She’s not wrong. We are all in the same boat. So what’s her fault.?”


“You… You bastard…”


Park Don Gul suddenly felt ashamed as he tightly bit on his lips. It seems like he finally felt everyone’s gaze on the clearing and he slowly lowered his fist.


The faint sneer on the woman’s face was still visible, seeing park Don Gul screamed out in frustration and just walked away from her. He went back to where he was sitting and vented out his pent-up anger as nothing went according to his plan.


“F*ck! What are you all looking at?! Look away!”


Looks like Park Don Gul couldn’t contain his anger as he let off steam at the quietly sitting Lee Shin Wu who was sitting right next to him.


With a shocked look at the unfair treatment, Lee Shin Wu moved away.


Then Again.




The cry that we had heard before rang clearly in our ears once more and trying to recall from my memory, I could dredge up some details for the first time.


While we were idly killing time, we were ambushed and we scattered. All this was because of the rock Park Don Gul kicked and the noises he created by arguing with that woman.


These are all the memories that I had about these people… I don’t know what happened afterward, but I didn’t see them again in Hall Plain..


‘Does that mean they all died in the Rite of Passage? Ah… so An Sol might not be who I thought she was.’


If we waste any more time as we did during my first time here, we could be repeating the past. No. I am certain the exact same thing would happen.


I decided to give a little nudge, though not so obvious as to personally interfere. First, I would give them a certain chance to move and work together as a team. But that would be the extent of my help. Having decided on what I wanted to do, I lifted my crossbow.




“Excuse me… What are you trying to do?…”


Seems like everyone was on high alert, as the tiny noise that I had made caused everyone’s gaze to focus on me.


The person who spoke up was the woman with quite a blunt mouth. Though she seemed to know not to make any stupid things from the start. Looks like the hate that she had was only reserved for Park Don Gul.”


“Don’t you feel uneased?”


“I feel more uneasy because of your crossbow.”


“Let me see… Where do you think we are at right now?”




The woman’s eye suddenly became wide. While her eyes were diligent, she overall had a pretty face.


“On the way here, I experienced a lot of out-of-the-world things. Didn’t everyone go through the same thing?”


“Well, yes… But…”


Heads were moving up and down as they recalled their memories. The Summoning Room, the Angel, the Transfer. They definitely experienced and witnessed all of it. It might’ve been impossible to become calm right away, but the most important thing for them to do is to accept this as reality and become proactive in trying to survive through the Rite of Passage.


I began to load an arrow into the crossbow. The crossbow was smaller than the average crossbow but I could attach and detach it from my wrist making it quite a convenient weapon. I am not sure if it was the shriek or my actions,


But one by one, they began to raise their guard up by holding the weapon they had brought from the Preparation Room.


Soon after, excluding the people who had come empty-handed, everyone was armed. Everyone was prepared. Looking around at the people, I began to make plans.




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Chapter 16