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Memorize – Chapter 15




15. Kim Su Hyeon, the Beginning to the Rite of Passage (2)


‘I guess it’s time to use my Third Eye.’


In the clearing, everyone was far apart from each other except for the siblings. After finding a suitable spot, I sat down and quietly began to observe the people around me. If I was lucky, there is a chance I might meet a familiar face.


The first person who entered my sight was a woman wearing a bank uniform. My impression of her was average, but her round eyes were twitching and her lips were trembling. It seems she still can’t accept the current situation as reality. I could understand why she was thinking so, but I decided to activate my Third Eye first. I only need to choose the people that I need…


Player’s Status
1. Name : Lee Bo Rim(Year(s) 0)
2. Sex : Female(27)
3. Height / Weight : 164.7cm / 58.3kg
4. Alignment : Neutral Chaotic

[Strength 05] [Resistance 08] [Agility 11] [Vitality 07] [Magic Power 09] [Luck 11]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 point.)




Stopping myself from smirking, I closed her Status window. The initial Attributes were affected by their physiques. The potential that the Player had was also multiplied and shown. This meant that a female might not necessarily have a lower physique stat from a male.


However, even for a female’s potential, Lee Bo Rim was still below average. Helping such a player survive and enter the Hall Plains would prove to be useless at my level.


After entering Hall Plain, a Player should actually begin their training and their attributes would grow quickly at first. I have already reached my limits and It’ll be quite difficult to increase my Attributes through training. But every Player that had started normally would have no such restrictions.

Regardless, even after considering such factors, only Players that had passed the first summit would look promising. But what the hell is up with this person?…


Clicking my tongue, I redirected my faze to the others in the clearing. My next target was the siblings who were glued to each other. The brother looked quite young but seeing the frown on his forehead, he seemed perceptive. He looked younger than me.


I wondered if he was one of those ‘popular kids’ as I noticed his trash-like behaviour. Laying in front of them was a pair of long swords and a shield.


It was an okay choice.


The girl stuck to him like gum on a shoe, a sight that would disgust all the single people out there…


Ah, right, they are siblings.


She kept looking down so I couldn’t see her face clearly but she looks much more polite than her brother.


Player’s Status
1. Name : An Hyun(Year(s) 0)
2. Sex : Male(22)
3. Height / Weight : 178.8cm / 73.2kg
4. Alignment : True Neutral

[Strength 48] [Resistance 47] [Agility 52] [Vitality 51] [Magic Power 35] [Luck 56]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 
1. Name : An Sol(Year(s) 0)
2. Sex : Female(19)
3. Height / Weight : 160.1cm / 45.2kg
4. Alignment : Lawful Good

[Strength 08] [Resistance 17] [Agility 15] [Vitality 21] [Magic Power 75] [Luck 100]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 point.)


‘That’s insane! What is up with her? 75 Magic Power and 100 Luck from the start?’


These Attributes were beyond common sense. I almost let out a cry of shock, but I shut my mouth and barely managed to prevent a shout from coming out.


Strictly speaking, An Hyun would make a really good comrade. That guy though, as long as he doesn’t suffer any unusual situations, can easily survive through the Rite of Passage.


He had the potential to enter Hall Plain and survive. While hard for me to admit, his starting Attributes were definitely higher than mine. Though An Hyun’s Attributes were at a level where anyone would think, ‘Oh it’ll be possible for her.’


The reason I am shocked is because of that girl’s Attributes. It is really weird. There’s not much to say about her Strength, Resistance, and Agility. But starting with 75 Magic Power and 100 Luck is completely out of the world in the Hall Plains. I tried hard to remember the past.


‘I don’t recall an An Hyun… nor An Sol… wait. An Sol? Sol?’


When the name Sol came up, I suddenly remembered the list of Secret Classes that I could’ve chosen with my privilege.


During my first time in Hall Plain, the Secret Class ‘Priestess of Brilliance’ made its appearance. I tried to think of other names for the final stage of all the Priest Class, but none came to mind. At that time a Player named ‘Sol’ had gotten that Class, and soon after she joined the Odin Clan, a Clan that was composed of only the best Player.


An Sol and Sol… I thought only the names were similar, but after seeing An Sol’s Attribute, the possibility of her being Sol is quite high. Seeing as the two were siblings, I probably had to make sure both of them live through the Rites of Passage together. Compared to that bank teller, Lee Bo Rim, these two had very good Attributes. They were more than suitable enough to biome my comrades.


With such a good start with these two, I decided to search counterclockwise this time. The next two people who were in my Third Eye’s view were two guys.


The guy on the left looked buff, but he was short and looked kinda old. His nose was a bit crooked, his rough-looking skin gave off a violent-looking impression. His gaze was constantly shifting around everywhere, trying to look at everything, I thought he was trying to have a grasp at his situation.


The guy on the right however was wearing a school uniform. I could see tear stains below his eyes on his pale face, he looked quite young. Looking at him with just a glance, he seemed quite modest, but looking at him again, his whole body was actually crouched down with his arms around his legs, trembling. It was quite a sad sight to see.


‘I don’t remember who those people are… What about their Player Status?”


Player’s Status
1. Name : Park Don Gul(Year(s) 0)
2. Sex : Male(22)
3. Height / Weight : 179.4cm / 73.2kg
4. Alignment : Chaotic Evil

[Strength 31] [Resistance 26] [Agility 39] [Vitality 29] [Magic Power 29] [Luck 07]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 point.)



Player’s Status
1. Name : Lee Shin Wul(Year(s) 0)
2. Sex : Male(19)
3. Height / Weight : 170.7cm / 58.4kg
4. Alignment : Lawful Good

[Strength 25] [Resistance 23] [Agility 21] [Vitality 27] [Magic Power 35] [Luck 57]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 point.)


Though their Attributes were not that great compared to An Hyun’s and An Sol’s stats but their Attributes were not that half bad. Though that doesn’t mean It’s good either.


With Park Don Gul’s current Attributes, he should be able to survive the Rite of Passage, the only problem was his Alignment. It’s rare for Chaotic and Evil to appear together. It is most likely that Park Don Gul is a criminal, and the chance of him becoming a ‘Rogue’ in Hall Plain is very high.


Lee Shin Wu, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of him, his Attributes are slightly lacking and he might not survive the Rites of Passage but his Magic Power made up for it. Considering his high Luck Attribute, this means that his potential is quite high. His personality must be good as well because the Lawful and Good Alignment rarely appears together as well.


Except for me and that Park Don Gul guy, everyone is busy being wary of the people around them. But unlike the others, there was this weird, unpleasant-looking glint in Park Don Gul’s eyes. His lecherous eyes were looking around and only focusing on the various women here. I had seen people like him a thousand times, even though I was like him back then. I could kinda relate to him for now. Although It was only speculation, I think I know what crimes Park Don Gul had committed.


After seeing how he was licking his lips while looking at the girl who was sticking close to An Hyun, I was even more convinced of my speculation. I had no right to judge him with my past but I couldn’t help but think of him as a miserable, stupid bastard.


Clicking my tongue, I was about to use my Third Eye on the remaining two women in the clearing.


“Ah, F*ck.”


The moment I was about to do just that, Park Don Gul’s loud voice resounded in the clearing.


“Ha… I can’t stand it anymore!”




Park Don Gul, who had been looking around for quite some time, seemed to have found the right moment to shout at the top of his voice and walked to the centre of the clearing. Lee Shin Wu seemed shocked at his sudden use of profanity as he gasped. I didn’t miss the smirk Park Don Gul had when he looked at Lee Shin Wu.


“Hey! Are you guys not going to do anything about this f*cked up situation? Mhmm?”


An Sol quickly hid behind An Hyun and started trembling from fear. An Hyun and the two women that I hadn’t had the time to analyze, all had different expressions. One of them was relatively composed, but the other seems to be annoyed and disagree with the sudden raucous Park Don Gul had caused. Her eyes narrowed as she scowled at him. I suddenly had the urge to check their Player Status but decided to keep my eyes on Park Don Gul for now.


“Are you all deaf? Don’t just keep your mouth shut, say something already!!”


‘A fool.’


Did he want to flaunt his violent temper to the whole world? Or did he want to show off how manly he was? Park Don Gul gestured violently and kicked a rock the size of an adult’s palm near him, a hard kick. The rock flew away with a high force and disappeared into the tranquil forest. The people in the clearing stayed quiet as an awkward silence filled in the atmosphere.


But I heard it. Or rather, What I couldn’t hear; the rock didn’t touch the forest ground.




A low cry echoed throughout the silent forest. While nobody seemed to have noticed the sound of the rock not colliding with anything, they for sure had heard the sound. Anxiety was evident on their faces. All of this had happened 10 years ago so I couldn’t remember anything specific, but fuzzy, blurry memories seemed to be entering my mind rapidly.


The memory of what had happened in the clearing.


“Sh-Sh*it! Who the f*ck was it? If you have a f*cking problem with me, then come out! Let’s settle this. Come out and face me! Is it you? Not you? Then was it you?”


“Ahjussi! Stop it. Act your age and stop your nonsense.”


What? Hmh~? Act my age? Did you seriously just say that right to my face?”


“Yes I did, you idiot. What are you going to do about it? Aren’t you ashamed? We are all in the same boat. So what’s with your ‘I am the almighty one’ bullsh*t attitude?”


“You’re swearing now? B*tch, didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders? What kind of people were your parents?”


“B*tch? Aha~I see~. Then, what about you? What did your parents teach you? Did they teach you to become a geezer and bully everyone around you? You f*cking piece of candy!”

TL: I couldn’t think of a better insult.


I laughed in delight seeing the woman fight back without fear nor retreat. Pretending to be taken aback at first, Park Don Gul chuckled. But soon, his anger filled him as his face became pale and red. He breathed deeply through his nose and looked like a predator watching his prey as he stalked towards the woman.


Standing right in front of the woman, he stared her down with a very sinister look.


“Hey, B*tch. What did my parents teach me? Say that one more time.”


When a man goes this far with his action, anyone would chicken out right then. I’m not sure if she’s strong or just doesn’t know what fear is, but she continued to stare at Park Don Gul straight in the eyes and sneered at him


“This is funny. Do you think I am going to be scared just because you’re like this? Oh~ did your mommy and daddy taught you this too~? Bastard!”


“This b*tch really wants to die…”


Park Don Gul seemed really pissed off as his fist slowly rose up in the air. Though, the woman didn’t even bat an eye. It was then that Park Don Gul decided to beat the woman.


“Hoi, Ahjussi. Enough already.”


An Hyun, who was silent till now, spoke up for the first time. Park Don Gul, who was about to slap the woman’s cheek, turned to face An Hyun and looked at him with a stupid look. I could see An Sol tugging at An Hyun’s collar. However, An Hyun ignored her as he opened his mouth once more to speak.




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Chapter 15