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Memorize – Chapter 13




13. Using Privilege (7)



My voice wasn’t coming out. No, my voice did come out but it only sounded like a harsh rattle. My voice was gone. My heart sank. No matter how hard I tried to speak, only air was produced through my throat.


‘I can’t do anything else except to wait for my body to recover.’


Letting out a large sigh, I called up the Player Information menu. I decided to check my Player Information window with the privileges while waiting for my body to recover.


Player's Information

Player status
1. Name: Kim Su-Hyeon (year(s) 0)
2. Class: Sword Specialist (Secret), Sword Specialist Master
3. Race: Terran
4. Clan: ---
5. - Nationality: - Korean
6. Sex: Male (23)
7. Height - Weight: 181.5 cm - 75.5 kg
8. Alignment: Lawful-Chaos
(Before Change)
[Strength 86] [Resistance 92] [Agility 98] [Vitality 78] [Magic Power 90] [Luck 88]
(After Change)
[Strength 94] [Resistance 92] [Agility 96] [Vitality 70] [Magic Power 96] [Luck 88]
(You Have Zero Remaining Attribute Points)


1.The Third Eye (Rank: S Zero)
The Third Eye transcends the concept of a regular eye and is categorised as a supernatural 
class. It does not only ‘see’ but also analyses the life forms with a more advanced version of understanding. 
Though the Third Eye can perceive a dimension ahead of the current one, gaining this mysterious strength without
 proper training or enlightenment, has caused this ability’s rank to reduce by 2. However, due to constant 
permeating energy from the pure fire of Hwajung, the ability’s rank has been adjusted upwards by 1 rank. 
While in effect, nothing can fool Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s eyes.

1.Sword’s Heart (Rank: Ex)
The highest pinnacle of swordsmanship, the zenith where the sword and the body become one. 
Upon wielding the sword, corrective action is asserted into each swing. Although the blade has reached 
the sky, the Player has yet to reach the pinnacle of swordsmanship. hthough years of effort, experience, 
countless achievements and class benefits, the ability’s rank has been increased by 2.

1.Close Quarter Combat (Rank: A Plus)
An ability that pushes the human limits of what they can do with a melee weapon. This ability 
is no longer a simple skill but rather a skill that has reached the peak of what humanity can achieve. It is 
impossible to lose in close quarter combat. Through years of effort, experience, countless achievements and class 
benefits, the ability’s rank has been increased by 1.
2.Last Man Standing (Rank: A Plus)
Surrendering is an unknown word. Defeat is unacceptable. 
With such will, even serious injuries won’t stop you from fighting. 
Fighting with a fatal wound is possible but all stats 
will be reduced by half.
3.Mind’s Eye (Rank: A Plus)
Description: Being able to see beyond the appearance of other’s, The Mind’s Eye 
perceives other things as it is inside. This refers to self-contemplation and to see or sense 
all things, or a phenomenon that acts similarly. 

With a heart controlled with an iron will, the Player can control themself under S rank or lower mental pollution magic.

4.Blessing of War(Rank:Ex)
Athena is the Goddess of War and Guardian of Peace. When on a battlefield Blessing 
of War can be activated to receive the Athena’s blessing. Players blessed with Athena’s blessing 
are given a view that encompasses the entire battlefield, and can pinpoint the location of friendlies 
in danger. After receiving the blessing, any damage caused by magic skills is reduced. 

(Reduction effect is proportional to the player’s Luck attribute and the rank of the ability. 
Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s Luck is at a respectable level; however, this is a supreme divine protection, any 
magic skill that is 1 or 2 rank higher than the current ability rank will have its damage reduced.
(Remaining Ability point: 0 points.)


After reading the Player’s Information menu, I was filled with joy and regret at the same time. Close Quarter Combat and Last Man Standing were chosen out of random so there was nothing I could do about it. But still, the abilities aren’t that bad and the rank of the abilities are alright too. If anything, these abilities might’ve been even better than the one I had in the past.


The thing that had taken me by surprise was the deduction of my Vitality Attribute. This attribute is the most important attribute and it helps everything else and acts as a support pillar for everything else.


70 points in Vitality. I can return to my original power in the past but the 70 Vitality is a very worrisome problem. If you take a car as an example, if it had a design that is beyond outstanding but had a really bad internal engine. Then in the case where the engine is overheating, then there is a risk of a burning or an explosion to happen.


The problem regarding the Vitality continues to haunt my mind, but there was however, no immediate solution. There is no guarantee how many points I can get in the future, but I have to try to secure every single available and free point I can get.


‘I’m still at 0 year but loaded up with a 10-years’ worth of Attribute… Increasing it through training would be difficult.’


This is also something that I couldn’t solve immediately. Pushing all the complicated thoughts away, I decided to dedicate my whole focus into recovering. Seraph’s glare was getting sharper and sharper. Well, my attributes are already pretty good, wanting more points at this point is just greedy.




I wonder how much time has passed. Maybe about 20 minutes, But I wanted to know the exact time. I’m sure Seraph would’ve answered if I had asked, but we aren’t exactly on speaking terms after I received all my privileges. All conversations ceased. I closed my eyes to sleep,


‘Whatever happens, happens then.’


As time slowly went by, my body gradually became colder. No, this wasn’t a sign of dying but rather the heat from Hwajung’s energy had been leaking out into the surrounding. The hot fire inside me gradually reduced and I was slowly regaining my lost senses.


I closed the Player Menu Window and quietly meditated with the remaining time.


There were some drawbacks but seeing as I am still alive, I have achieved my goals. It was a high risk, high rewards kind of thing. Every waste and impurities in my body had been burned away, and the circuits were all unclogged.


It’s not only that. There used to be places where the Magic Power didn’t reach nor flow to. The acupoints in the hand and feet finally had Magic Power flowing through them. My energy flowed faster than before, the increased flow and the efficiency of Magic Power has also greatly improved. If it’s a fight between two equally strong players and there only needs to be a small factor to decide the winner, then I am guaranteed to win.




I felt some of my senses returning and tried to circulate my Magic Power throughout my body. From hand to foot, I let it flow to every tip of my body. Being a bit more confident now, I gently swung my right arm and found that it felt a lot lighter than before. The joints in my body are still cracking and ached, but it’s better than before. I was feeling a whole lot better.


After some time, I stood up with great difficulty. Lifting my head to look at Seraph and meet her eyes. She looked disinterested; her eyes remained tranquil as she looked at ment blankly. My clothes looked like rags but I didn’t care about them right now. Because the ‘woman’ in front of me is an Angel and couldn’t be categorised as an opposite sex.


Shrugging, I tapped my left wrist with my right hand, indicating I wanted to know the time.


“It’s time to enter the Rite of Passage. Please be ready.”


Seraph’s voice was flat and cold. She was definitely angry.




I decided to stop it. I didn’t want to quarrel with her anymore. I got everything I needed anyways.


“I’m ready. Transfer me.”


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon, Are you okay?”


“Mhmm, I don’t feel that bad.”


“… Then I shall transfer you immediately. Time is short, I recommend you to act as quickly as possible when you enter the Preparation Room.”


“Yeah, sure.”


At my half-hearted response, Seraph’s beautiful brows were creased with a frown. However, she only lifted her fingers and snapped.




Following the finger-snapping, my body gradually became more transparent. If I had to explain it… It would be like getting erased by an eraser?


“Ignorance in any situation is dangerous from now on. That’s my last advice to you. Please pass the Rite of Passage safely, it would be my pleasure to be able to meet you once more. Player Kim Su-Hyeon, I wish you the best of luck.”


“Seraph. Stop your nagging from now on. The next time we meet, I want you to keep your mouth shut tight.”


Kkung, Kkeungg.


After the small talk, I heard the familiar sound of machinery again. I kept my calm and looked around then down. One third of my legs have already disappeared, with the rest of my body following suit. I closed my eyes slowly as I felt myself disappear.


A new start for something that had been 10 years in the making. A new future would be made. A future that will come, a future that I will forge with my own two hands. A future where no one would be lost or fall into despair. A future that I, Kim Su-Hyeon, will change. These were the only thoughts that had filled my heart with fleeting emotions.




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Chapter 13