10000 Members

HAPPY 10k members!!

We just hit a big milestone in terms of our growing community. We started Luminous Scans back in late March and we would have never thought that we could hit 10k members by Dec. We truly thank each and every one of you for making this possible. And of course this calls for a celebration. So we will be having THREE events for this occasion

Event 1: MASCOT Design competition! The winner will get 30$ gift card, unique role, and of cuz have their art be the mascot for Luminous Scans. 2nd and 3rd place both will receive a 10$ gift card and their art will be used as stickers or emotes in our server

Event 2: ART/POEM competition with the main theme being Christmas and must include some aspects of one of our series. Can be a character or quotes etc. 1st place will get a 15$ gift card, 2nd place a 10$ gift card, and 3rd place will received Nitro (pls make sure you submit your own work, any plagiarized submissions will be auto disqualified)

Event 3: GIVEAWAY with 3 winners (any member can participate, but if the winner happens to be an alt account we will reroll)

We will have more details for y’all soon.
Thank you everyone once again!!!

(You can participate in events by joining our Discord server)