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Memorize – Chapter 8




8. Using Privilege (2)



“Sword Specialist? It’s… not a bad choice, but the Mage Slayer is also an excellent Job. Considering Player Kim Su-Hyun’s skill, there’s only a few magicians that can fight a fair battle with you.”


“Well, you’re not wrong.”


“Then why….”


“But if you think about it, I can also resist most spells right now too though.”




I could see Seraph was still unsatisfied. My heart shook, but I stood firm and spoke strongly.


“I will give you an example so think carefully. There is a guaranteed but fixed success rate for a targeting system, and a non-targeting system with manual control. Automation has a certain success rate, but also a clear limitation. But the latter relies purely on skills and the success rate depends on it. Do you understand what I’m saying?”


“Yes, I understand.”


“Then I shall go with the Sword Specialist.”


“If the Player asks so.”


Seraph looked like she was thinking for a bit, and then she nodded once and immediately a message popped up telling me that my information had been updated.


Congratulations. You have obtained the Secret Class, [Sword Specialist]. Player data has been updated.


Seeing the message, I felt strangely relieved. I am not sure if it was because I passed my first challenge with little to no difficulty, but I was noticeably more relaxed. Though, it was still too early to relax.


Steeling myself, I prepared myself for my next privilege. Seeing that the next privilege was out of my hands, tension began to build up in me once again.


3. Privilege regarding special and unique abilities. Players usually have 1 special ability slot and 4 latent ability slots, but Player Kim Su-Hyeon will be given one more latent ability slot. Player Kim Su-Hyeon may also choose the abilities. This includes hidden abilities.
Alternatively, Player Kim Su-Hyeon can open up a slot called ‘unique ability’. Unique ability is a tier above special abilities. If you do not choose to have a unique ability, then you can choose one special ability and 4 abilities you want. However, if you choose to have a unique ability, you won’t be given a potential ability and you may only choose 2 latent abilities. (The other 2 abilities will be chosen at random).


I began to think about the information that was stored in my brain.


Special and Latent Abilities are given based on the Player’s job. Just the chance to pick what abilities you get to have from the start is a huge benefit. This also meant I had to be extremely careful with my choices.


Special and Latent Ability was the most important aspect that influenced the strength of the character. Just earning a trait that was well suited for the person’s Class made the Player strong. But if the opposite happens, then the player would definitely become weaker than usual. For a Player to become strong, the Attributes, Class, Ability has to complement each other.


“Seraph, I would like my abilities to be privileged.”


“Yes. Then I shall ask whether you want to activate the Unique Ability slot. The difference is….”


“I already know. I am going to go with activating the Unique Ability.”


“Understood. An Ability slot will be consumed momentarily. Also, from the remaining four slots, two will be chosen at random.”


I had faith.


Like how the Player’s growth affected how Attributes were enhanced, Abilities developed with a similar rule set. To put it simply, it was most likely that the result would be influenced by the physique I achieved as a Sword Master. My thinking was impeccable, the chance of getting two Abilities from my first run was extremely high.


As I was doing thousands of calculations in my head, Seraph gave me a signal.


It seems the preparations were complete.


“Unique Ability, Special Ability, Latent Ability list has been picked. Will you choose to select the Unique Ability first, or select the two Latent Abilities slots?”


I felt nervous and anxious. But receiving the bad news first is always better than receiving the good news first. I decided to spin for the two Latent Abilities first.


“Choose the random 2 Latent ability slots first.”



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Chapter 8