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Memorize – Chapter 4




4. Code Zero, 10 year rewind (4)



Seraph said that it was entirely up to me, but it was obvious that Seraph wasn’t giving me a choice, as she was trying to somehow get me to accept the ‘privilege’. Moreover, even if I tried to deny the ‘privilege’, I would probably not know what to say, so I just nodded my head.


“You made a great choice. I am sure that this choice will help Player Kim Su-Hyeon achieve what Player Kim Su-Hyeon is trying to achieve.”


Suddenly, the transparent wings that were almost invisible flapped vigorously. Soon, the distance between Seraph and I was closed as she stood above me.


I felt something soft touch me. As Seraph slowly raised her eyes, she said in a calm voice.


“I hope Player Kim Su-Hyeon can endure this for a little while even if Player Kim Su-Hyeon hates this. There is not much time left. I will directly deliver the contents into your head.”


As she finished speaking, I felt the shock of something flashing inside the top of my head. It didn’t hurt. The information that Seraph was trying to convey to me was being conveyed carefully into my mind. I closed my eyes and started to digest the content of the information she gave me.


Player  Exclusive Privilege (Tanay)

1. First, the privilege to ‘load’ your first round’s character information.
Second, four out of the six basic attributes you own will be randomly selected
to be enhanced.
2. Privilege regarding class choosing. Classes can be decided
in advance before entering the Rite of Passage with no limitation.
This includes Rare, Secrets and General classes.

3. Privilege regarding special and unique abilities. Players usually have one
special ability slot and four latent ability slots, but Player Kim Su-Hyeon
will be given one more latent ability slot. Player Kim Su-Hyeon may also choose
the abilities. This includes hidden abilities. 

Alternatively, Player Kim Su-Hyeon can open up a slot called ‘unique ability’.
Unique ability is a tier above special abilities. If you do not choose to have a
unique ability, then you can choose one special ability and four abilities you
want. However, if you choose to have a unique ability, you won’t be given a potential
ability and you may only choose two latent abilities.
(The other 2 abilities will be chosen at random).
4. Player Kim Su-Hyeon is able to perform Body modification once.
5. Player Kim Su-Hyeon is able to choose one type of equipment with no type restriction.
However Exclusive (EX) ranked equipment cannot be selected.



The information about the privileges filled my mind without giving me a break. When I opened my eyes with a confused look, I could see Seraph who was really transparent. She was still not removing her hand from my head but the feeling of her hand was quite different from before.


After I finished digesting the information, I got quite excited.




Honestly, I got a bit embarrassed because I didn’t think I was going to be given these many advantages. Seraph spoke with a smile as she had read my expressions.


“These privileges are based on the points earned by Player Kim Su-Hyeon. Of course, I will not deny that it had my favour mixed in. But, since all the angels have agreed to this, then there is no problem at all.”


“This is good for me, but…You’re going to disappear anyway and won’t I be retrained by the balance system?”


“No you won’t. I just feel proud of Player Kim Su-Hyeon. I’ve been talking to my sisters for 10 years. In any case, be careful.”


“Okay, I’ll be careful. But won’t the balance be a bit of a problem? Think about it. How would you feel if a new player started with these privileges?”


“You don’t have to worry about that. It can be solved with the Tanay…But it might be a problem if you really think about the balance…”


Seraph stopped talking for a moment and looked at me.


“If you think about the potential of the Player Kim Su-Hyeon, I can see the scale would become balanced.”
Seraph’s words implied numerous meanings, but I could immediately understand what she meant.


In fact, the most important factor in determining a player’s information is their potential.


I could understand what Seraph was trying to say, but why did I feel so bitter when she said it?


No matter what anyone says, I’m the only player to have ever reached the top of the Hall Plane. Though, there is no denying that I have only become the top player because of many miracles and accidents. However, there isn’t a saying that states, “If the strongest person doesn’t survive, that doesn’t make the surviving person the strongest”…


If I was asked generally, then I could confidently say that I’m strong. Of course, I know that the best and the strongest are not the same. In the end, it is forbidden for me to give up. “Be vigilant”. This was what Seraph meant. I felt proud of what she said. I felt really proud. I sighed and nodded. I looked up at Seraph, who was almost unrecognizable.


“Depart… Really… Wanted… to… say…”


As time passed, Seraph’s voice was starting to become much quieter as her body slowly started to disappear. However, Seraph was still trying as hard as she could to talk to me.


“Please… Hope…”


“Seraph, I’m sorry. I can barely hear you.”


I still couldn’t hear what she was saying, and Seraph’s face was stained with sadness. But now, there isn’t anything I can do. However, she didn’t give up.


“Player… Su-Hyeon… ease…”




I wondered if the sound was slowly drifting away but suddenly a white light flashed with a ‘bap’ sound. Bright lights appeared around Seraph and disappeared in an instant. Now the end was truly over. I gnawed on my lips to restrain myself from showing any expressions, but I gradually left my lips alone.


“Please be happy…”




After that, Seraph disappeared. Only silence filled the room. However her last words, the words that she had been desperately trying to say, had reached my ears. It seemed like Seraph was smiling genuinely when she had looked at me during her final moments, but I had no need to look too closely at it because I had been too concentrated listening to her words. I stared at the space where Seraph had been standing just a moment ago.



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Chapter 4