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Memorize – Chapter 3




3. Code Zero, 10 year rewind (3)



“Code Name: ‘Zero’. Initiated. We are confirming the activation of the Code Zero. Activation is confirmed. Congratulations, Player Kim Su-Hyeon.”


I frowned a little. Her physical condition was worsening.


“Why do you look like that?”


The once beautiful white wings were turning dim enough that it was transparent. Her entire body was also becoming translucent. The only thing that hadn’t changed about her was the expressionless, polite looking face she had.


Seraph silently tilted her head up and said,


“You hadn’t looked at me with such a worried expression in a long time… but it’s okay. Today is Thursday, 27th of December 2011 in Earth’s time. As per your request, Player Kim Su-Hyeon has been returned to the time when you first entered the Summoning Room. I repeat, Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s request has been successfully processed and completed.


“Okay. But Seraph, are you returning to the past with me?”


As I spoke, Seraph began to shake her head slowly.


“I can’t give you the details but I’m not going with you. I had asked Code Zero to give me some time. Because there are some things that I need to tell you.”


“There are things that you need to tell me?”


“Yes, that’s correct.”


Seraph replied with a slight smile on her face. It was the most angelic smile that I’ve seen during my 10 years in the Hall Plains. It felt quite refreshing to see it. I could feel my frown starting to disappear. The awkward atmosphere had slowly subsided. It was Seraph who talked first. Her lips slowly parted as her eyes were half closed, moving her hand to move her silvery white hair behind her ears.


“I remember the day player Kim Su-Hyeon was first summoned to the Hall Plain. Do you remember what you first said when you saw me?”


“…I don’t remember.”


There was no way I could’ve remembered that. I don’t know what else to say, and decided to just stay silent.


Seraph is an “Assistant”, a person who always gives appropriate and much needed advice.


“You said ‘W-where am I? Ah! Y-you, w-who are you?!’.”


“Did I actually stutter? I only remembered the important parts.”


“That wasn’t the only thing that happened. You also…”




There was a sudden sound of space tearing, and Seraph, who was reminiscing in old memories, started to become twisted. It’s similar to the static televisions have when the connection is really bad.”




Seraph’s body twisted and returned to normal again. Seraph groaned in pain. As her body kept twisting and returning to normal, Seraph’s body started to become even more transparent. Though her appearance was out of the ordinary, she acts like how she usually does when she closes her eyes. But, the Seraph in front of me right now was like a candle in the wind.


Eventually the twisting stopped. Seraph, who was barely holding on, put on a bitter expression. She then said,


“It’s hard to get permission from Code Zero. Even though we’ve been together for 10 years, it still won’t give us time to exchange our goodbyes.”


‘Ah… I still can’t get used to this.”


Even if it would have been the same, I would have rather gone straight to the point rather than beating around the bush. Seeing the same Seraph who have the same attitude for 10 years, was perplexing. It was hard for me to adapt to it.


“Yeah … Then It would be better to explain it quickly and finish this up.”


In the end, I had to end this conversation quickly. Seraph looked at me with sadness evident in her eyes, sighed and quickly spoke.


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon still possesses a significant amount of GP* from your last 10 years. In exchange, I’m going to grant player Kim Su-Hyeon special privileges for restarting by using the GP* that has been earned.”


TL/N: Golden Point


“Huh? Privileges?


“Of course, the leftover GP will be left alone.”


“Oh, it’s special treatment. I don’t know what this is completely, but if this is the reward for me reaching the end, then I am grateful.”


“I would appreciate it if you would see this as a favour from us angels instead of special treatment. All the angels, including me, fully ‘understand’ and ‘empathize’ with your feelings.”


“Understand? Empathize? Hahaha.”


“If the word ‘empathize’ sounds unpleasant to you, then I apologize. I didn’t mean to put you in a bad mood. But in the Hall Plain, angels play the role of assisting users. I’ve never given Player Kim Su-Hyeon any harmful advice. Not even once. So, please decide carefully whether Player Kim Su-Hyeon wants to accept or reject this favour.”



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Chapter 3