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Memorize – Chapter 2




2. Code Zero, 10 year rewind (2)



“Player Kim Su-Hyeon, I understand how you feel, but it is useless. I think you probably know even without me telling you.”


I knew.


Users could never hurt an angel. Nevertheless, the sword that I was still wielding is just showing off my resolve to not change my will.


“… That’s right. Before Astaroth died, he said that angels and demons are not that different.”


“Are you saying that you’d believe the word of a demon? You of all people?”


“That’s the truth. This can’t be done, that can’t be done. In the end, the conclusion is not all that different.”


“Wait, hold on… I think I’ve already explained enough about the requirements.”


“I’m not qualified. You said that you couldn’t tell me because I was not qualified. I even said that I’d go back in time to meet your qualifications. So, what are you so happy about?”


“Kim Su-Hyeon!”


Dingg! Dingg!


“Don’t yell. I don’t want to go deaf. And call it my ego, like how you always do.”
The wave was unleashed one after another only to fade away. Seraph was staring at me with a sad expression. I gripped my sword that was aimed at Seraph, emitting a faint glow. Then, as I put in more magic power, the aura around the sword began to become bigger and bigger. Seraph looked at the sword and bit her lips.


“I’ll give you one final warning. Get rid of your sword right now. If you think you can kill a creature from a different dimension, then you’re making a grave mistake.”


“Is that so? Then should I really try to kill you? It isn’t that hard. All I have to do is make use of the Code Zero to kill you angels.”


“… It’s true that you have the right to use Code Zero. However, the activation of Code Zero would happen through angels.”


“You’re the one who’ll activate it? Isn’t there any other way?”


“Sigh… Player Kim Su-Hyeon, this is a meaningless argument.”


Seraph’s mouth was twitching a lot as if she had more to say. But, Seraph might’ve felt how angry I was or maybe the rising aura around my sword, and just bit her lips slightly.






Heavy silence filled the room for a while. I slowly retracted the aura and lowered my sword. In a solemn mood, I started to give my attention to Code Zero that I was holding with my left hand. It was a round, deep blue object with a marble-like texture.


“…Seraph, I don’t want to fight anymore. Nor do I want to continue arguing with you. If you truly understand how I am feeling, and if you really do care for me. Then please just grant my wish.”


Seraph, whose eyes were filled with remorse a moment ago, went wide with surprise. I showed Code Zero towards her direction, making her look at it. Showing that I have made a very clear decision.


“I’ll ask you once again. I want to turn back time, back to 10 years ago. Back to the day when I first came here.”


I don’t know if Code Zero heard my resolve. But at that moment, Code Zero, which had been glowing slightly the whole time, started to shine brightly. I slowly loosened the hand that was gripping the Code Zero tightly.


The Sphere that was shining brightly started to float upwards and flew to the altar where Seraph was at.


She took Code Zero with a blank expression. I was staring at Seraph as she returned the empty stare that I had been giving. How long are we going to stare at each other like this? Suddenly, her lips parted slowly, so slow that even a snail was faster.


“If this is really your will.”




“Then I will respect it.”




Seraph was speaking with a sad expression as she was looking at me.


“Please do not misunderstand and listen to me, Player Kim Su-Hyeon. As I have said before, Player Kim Su-Hyeon currently has a lot of GP. It doesn’t make sense for you to expunge it like this.”


I shook my head.


‘I’m going back in time anyways… How would my GP(Gold Points) help me now?’


But Seraph had a different idea. She was waving her hand around, as if she was manipulating something.


“Unbelievable… Code Zero is responding to your will. With my authority as an assistant, I’ll be altering the rules a little and give you a few privileges for restarting. Of course, player Kim Su-Hyeon won’t be affected in any bad ways. I will see you soon after the work is done.”


Work is done? See you soon? I was just about to ask what the h*ll she was talking about. But I got cut off as the summoning room was filled with a foreign voice that I had never heard before.


“Request from Player Kim Su-Hyeon has been received. 27%. 58%. 77%. 100%. Loading… Authorization completed. Access granted. Executing Code Name: ‘Zero’.”


At that moment, a sound similar to a rusty machine was whirring somewhere. At the same time, Code Zero that was in Seraph’s hands was producing numerous strands of light that scattered throughout the room.




A light that was bright enough to blind someone filled the entire room. The whirring of a rusty machine was still heard, and strange sensations that could not be described quickly filled my entire body. It was, however, familiar. It was like the sensation of passing through something very quickly. It was similar to the sensation of the world being warped and distorted when the Grand Duke of Hell came to retrieve his son, Lanta, the other day.


As time passed, the light started to grow stronger and stronger, until Seraph could not be seen anymore. Eventually, I had to close my eyes tightly. When I felt the light that could be seen even through my eyelids started to weaken, I slowly opened my eyes.The light that was filling the room started to fade away.


My blurry vision started to become more focused as I blinked a few times. After some time, I could finally see my surroundings easily. As I began to look around,


‘Something’s different.’


I had only closed my eyes for a few moments, but many things had changed. The sword that had been in my right hand’s grip and the equipment that I had been wearing were all disappearing. When I looked up from the empty hand and to my body, I saw a military uniform with a very familiar pattern on it. The moment I saw the badge that was attached to my left chest, I unknowingly held my breath.



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Chapter 2