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Memorize – Chapter 19




19. Kim Su Hyeon, the Beginning to the Rite of Passage (7)


An Hyun began to move. It seemed like he left his sword in the clearing, as he set An Sol aside and picked up a large stone. I was in the process of reloading an arrow into my crossbow when An Hyun started to make his way to me, I wanted to see what he could do so I stopped my actions momentarily.


If South Korean guys were given a knife, I wonder how many of them could hit a target from a distance? I had wanted to see if the throw he made to cut off the Deadman’s arms back then was a fluke or not.


An Hyun was discreetly measuring the distance and the direction as he threw the stone with all his might. And…




“Really, they are not that big of a deal.”


An Hyun’s stone-throwing skill was quite impressive. With a Puk sound, the rock succeeded in crushing the Deadman’s head. Seeing the monster collapse, I saw a glint of relief entering An Hyun’s eye as he finished off the other one with the same method.


“Yeah, they are not a big deal. So don’t get cocky just because you killed two of them.”


However, it seems that Park Don Gul was irritated at the choice of weapon An Hyun had chosen. But still, An Hyun wasn’t about to just let his only weapon go. He stopped walking and stared at Park Don Gul.


An Hyun’s lips parted as he started to speak.


“This is all thanks to you, ahjussi. So, you have my gratitude.”


“Huh?! What are you talking about right now?!”


“The monster that attacked Sol just now had this heavy thing embedded inside its chest. Thanks to that, I understood that a rock can go through the monster.”


Park Don Gul seemed to have finally caught on to the sarcastic tone An Hyun seemed to be giving off, as his face immediately became red like a tomato. An Hyun’s words were blatantly poking at the fact that Park Don Gul has been the main reason they were all in this problem.


“You all really think we are in this situation because of the rock that I had kicked? How do you know that the rock is the same rock I had kicked?”


“I don’t recall saying anything of sorts. I just wanted to say thank you…”


Such impudence from An Hyun seemed to have driven Park Don Gul angry. Yet, he seemed to have realized some things as he growled out his responses.


“F*ck you, you think you’re all hot sh*t and stuff? Don’t you know that girl is the reason we all almost died?”




“Yes you sh*thead, that crazy b*tch next to you. Everyone was following along obediently, but not her, she’s not even a child anymore but still can’t stand up by herself.”


An Hyun’s expression seemed to harden. It seemed like he couldn’t respond to the accusation and kept his mouth shut. Feeling sorry that his brother was scolded because of her, An Sol gently wiped away her tears.


“Ah, I hate pretentious pr*cks like you. Use your brain and think. Then tell me who’s actually at fault here.”


Still, we had the blunt but smart-mouthed lady with us. I knew that she wouldn’t just standstill. As she immediately jumps in to protect and support An Hyun, Park Don Gul’s expression becomes twisted.


“You b*tch. I am going to kill you if you don’t f*cking shut your pretty little mouth. Got it?”


“And you sh*thead. If I were you, I would’ve kept my mouth shut out of shame.”


“These miserable idiots really want to die today…”


All three of them were in the wrong, but Park Don Gul seems to be keeping hatred against the others. He seemed to have realized that everyone was turning against him as he shut up once again.


Just as we came out of the dangerous situation, we were putting ourselves back into a petty argument. At this stage, it wasn’t just discrete animosity but a full-on fight. I once again felt that unpleasant feeling in the atmosphere.


Out of habit, I tried to take my cigarette but I couldn’t do such a thing right now. The idea that I had of killing Park Don Gul right now to just go through the Rite of Passage faster was becoming quite appealing.


Nonetheless, I decided right from the beginning to just observe them. It was still annoying me that all the hard work I put into bringing them together was slowly falling apart.


Whatever happened, in the small corner of their minds, they still remembered what had occurred in the clearing before. What could I possibly do to make them form a single group? No matter how much I tried to think of an idea, I still couldn’t figure out a way. In the end, I decided we need to hurry up and start moving. This place isn’t really that safe anyways.




I intentionally made a loud sound when loading my crossbow and without a single failure, everyone’s attention was on me. Signaling that everything was alright, I loaded the arrow into my crossbow and met everyone’s eyes.


“For now, those Deadm- hm… Those monsters, we should make it a priority to avoid them.”


“Everyone knows that. But what can we do?”


‘This stupid bastard really wants to die…’


I barely managed to keep my temper. If I hadn’t, an arrow would’ve probably lodged itself into Park Don Gul’s mouth. Though, I would have smashed his mouth in an instant if we both were to be left alone.


“For now, I don’t think it will be enough for us even if we cooperate and unite together. So arguing among ourselves, would be a waste of time. I will leave you guys alone for a while. So during that time everyone can discuss and come to some sort of agreement on what we should do next.”


I said all that is needed to be said but, of course, there would be questions. I was surprised at who had been the one to ask the question.


“Why are you leaving? If we are going to have a discussion, won’t it be better for everyone to give their opinion?”




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Chapter 19