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Memorize – Chapter 18




18. Kim Su Hyeon, the Beginning to the Rite of Passage (6)


Slash! Splatter!


‘Oh?~ it hit?”


With great momentum, the sword slashed off the Deadman’s left arm. But that was it. The monster was knocked back, but it quickly recovered and averted its attention back towards An Sol as it ran towards her. It had finally reached her.




The Deadman’s jaw was wide open.


An Sol’s eyes were wide open


And An Hyun was screaming in horror.


I can confirm it then. I had without a doubt changed An Sol’s future because of what I did. Without any hesitation, I fired my crossbow.




With a sharp sound of something firing, the arrow soared. With a loud splattering sound, the arrow pierced through the Deadman’s head. The Deadman’s weakness was its head. The rock had sliced into its chest, but it stands no chance against the arrow that had pierced through its head.


With its mouth wide agape, the Deadman fell to the ground.






“Sob… Hick…”


Everyone had the same expression after seeing the monster. They all clutched at their weapon in instinct and woke up to the realization that this was not a joke nor a dream anymore.


Sure, they knew of the basics and had a vague feeling of what was happening, but it seemed like what had just happened showed them how serious the problem at hand was.


In the midst of all this though, An Hyun still acted fast. He dashed towards the still speechless An Sol and lifted her up. And promptly returned to our side. He must have been extremely surprised at the situation as his breathing was unsteady.


Soon after, all the attention was on me. I shifted and faced forward. While there was only one Deadman that came out, there would be others that would gather here soon enough.


I could hear the loud growling breaking out in the distance. Now I can say for certain that more Deadman would be arriving here quite soon. If they managed to crowd us, it would be quite a pain in the ass for us.


Without uttering a single word, I continued walking.


This situation reminded me a lot of the TV programs that I used to enjoy watching. The show was about your everyday people being placed in life-threatening situations. The show stated that people who are faced with such circumstances can only think rationally for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes pass, they would usually turn irrational and they use their instinct or whatever was at hand. If what the show had said was true, then did the people I had been the leader of, pass this phase already?


We were currently resting to catch our breath on high ground. Rather than a flat and simple hill, It had a steep path that would drain anyone’s strength if they had tried to climb it. Taking in a deep breath, I turned around to look at the direction we had come from.


Sure enough, the clearing we were at was littered with Deadmans.


Looking at the now small-looking clearing, everyone was entranced in their own deep thoughts. If we had just been a step slower, It was most likely that we would become monster food. That energetic, blunt-mouthed lady must’ve felt a shiver run down her spine as she was rubbing her arms together.


They all had a complicated look on their face. Monsters were roaming around, and their lives were in danger. Having to accept such reality, they had a grim expression on their face. But this is something that I wouldn’t help them with. Now, I need to stand back and observe them quietly.


While I already had their basic information, I needed to see how they would act in such situations.


“Huff! Huff! Sh*t… What the f*ck were those things?!:


Park Don Gul, finally reaching the peak after climbing for a while, was still breathing quite heavily. I shook my head in disapproval after sparing a glance at him. If he had just stayed quiet, he would probably have been able to just blend in with the group. But, I don’t think that can happen now since the rock he had kicked had been the main cause of suffering just now.


If I was him, I would’ve just stayed quiet out of shame, but it seems that he has quite a thick face and knows no shame.


Letting out a sigh, I turned my head to look at An Sol who was still crying on An Hyun’s chest. For a moment I thought it was quite a pathetic sight. But I did learn one thing during the escape. If the crying An Sol is the same person as the Priest of Brilliance, then her future is guaranteed to reach its peak at one point.


Her Luck Attribute is currently 100 points, and that should certainly get her to pass through the Rite of Passage. However, the result spoke otherwise. What I had also found out was that the future would change even with the slightest action.


Feeling like someone had been staring at him, An Hyun, who had been busy wiping An Sol’s tears, nodded in my direction. He seemed to have realized that I had been the one to fire the arrow at the Deadman. I could see the gratitude in his eyes.


Nodding back as to say ‘You’re welcome’, I turned my gaze back towards the hill we are on.


Grrrr! Grrrrr!






I wasn’t sure if it was just some monster that just happened to be near us or if it had followed us right from the clearing, but two Deadmans were trying to climb up the hill. Nonetheless, the Deadmans still couldn’t run at us with their full speed.


When they find their prey, Deadmans run extremely fast in a straight line. Though, if they make a turn or try to run up a hill, their speed will get significantly reduced. They can still climb hills, but just put a knife through its head before they reach the top and that’s the end of the story.


While they were less panicked now compared to their first reaction when the Deadman came rushing at them, they were still trying to recover from the shrill of shocks. I am really sorry Lee Bo Rim, but I have no plans to save you if your life is in danger.


The horrible duet opera performance that Lee Bo Rim and An Sol performed didn’t sit right with me, then there’s also her Player Status, I just don’t know how she’d be useful. It would be a miracle if she lives through but she is most likely doomed to die.


‘They should have decided on what to do right about now… To team up or to separate.’


If they want to talk to their heart’s content, then taking care of those Deadmans coming up right now should be the top priority.




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Chapter 18