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Memorize – Chapter 17




17. Kim Su Hyeon, the Beginning to the Rite of Passage (5)


We are currently located in a clearing in the middle of the forest. Trees and bushes were packed outside the clearing. I began to walk away from the direction where Park Don Gul kicked the rock.


I had only moved a few steps away from the clearing, but I could feel the atmosphere becoming heavier. The trees and grasses I saw in front of me reflected a melancholic light.


‘Hey, An Sol. Get up. We need to follow that Hyung.”


“I hate this… I don’t wanna go… this is scary…”


“Then are you going to stay here forever? You told me before. This place isn’t safe. We shouldn’t stay here. Why are you doing this now?”




Hearing the siblings talk, I felt my ears perk up. Seeing that her Luck Attributes was 100 points, there might be something she had felt. But that was only a wild guess that I had. Seems like she couldn’t overcome her instinctual fear as she had no plan to get her a$$ the ground.


Grrrrrrr! Grrrrr!


While they were arguing, I could hear growls coming from other places. The sound was becoming louder, the things were definitely coming closer. At first, the group had been waiting patiently for the two to stop arguing, but after a while, some of them started to complain.


“E-Excuse me. Can’t we just go first? To be honest I can’t stop shaking like a leaf myself…”


“Yeah!! Let’s just leave these trash and go. Wait what did you say after that…?”


Lee Shin Wu seemed to have gathered whatever courage he had left as his voice was cracking. I heard Park Don Gul immediately agreeing.


I’m not sure if he had heard what they had said, or if he just felt like it but An Hyun began to pull An Sol, urging her to follow him, with greater desperation.


“Come on, stand up. I’m right here. Please, listen to me just this once.”


“B-But my feet won’t move… Sob…”


An Sol burst into tears. Even in the midst of all this, Lee Shin Wu and Park Don Gul were giving them strange looks. It seems like they wanted to leave this troublesome area as soon as possible. Of course, I had no plans to abandon those two. Rather, just leaving everyone else and traveling with those two would give me more benefits.


“Let’s go. Why are we just standing around doing nothing?!”


“Uh, Yes, let’s go quickly….”


“As the commotion became even worse, An Hyun’s expression became even more serious. He then suddenly slapped the hand that had been grabbing onto his clothes tightly away.


An Sol’s eyes went wide as she mumbled.




“Fine. Then stay here. I’m going to go somewhere else instead.”


That was full of bullsh*tery, but his acting was kind of believable. After speaking those words, An Hyun turned his back on her without a second thought. Armed with his sword and shield, he began to make big strides towards us.


Seeing this, An Sol seemed to be experiencing a great shock as her mouth kept opening and closing like a fish. She shed a single tear as An Hyun spoke,


“Sorry to keep you all waiting. Shall we go?”


Regardless of that, An Hyun intentionally pressed us to go as he took the lead and pretended to walk towards the forest.


“Sob… Oppa… Don’t go…”


“An Sol, get up now. Don’t you understand what’s happening right now?”


“I was wrong…. Don’t leave me again… Don’t go… Sob… Sob Sob…”


“You… Seriously! Get up!”


In the end, An Hyun had to raise his voice with his eyes flaring. This seemed to kinda work as An Sol began to stand up slowly, still crying her eyes out.


It was right then.




‘Oh sh*t, we lingered around for way too long.’


I felt dismayed. Not because of fear but because of the change that I had made to the future and caused An Sol’s death.


The growls were a stone throw away from us, with the sound becoming louder and louder. The only problem was An Sol seemed to have lost her mind.


“O… Oppa…”


We were gradually putting more distance between An Sol and us, and seeing An Sol dazedly stretching her hand out for help, An Hyun became even more resolved. No, actually, It looked like he was only pretending.


The blunt-mouthed lady gave in as she tried to walk towards her to help, but An Hyun held his hand out and stopped her.


“Just leave her.”


“Oppa! Don’t leave me!”


“Then come here by yourself. It’s not too late. If you can’t do this much by yourself, then you definitely won’t survive.”




With renewed vigor and confidence in his eyes, An Hyun watched An Sol intently. An Sol clenched her teeth as she thought An Hyun was not kidding at all.


Just a bit more then she should be able to build more courage in herself, but unfortunately, it was far too late.


Grrrr! Grrrrrrrrrr!


‘This growl… It’s a Deadman.’




While the name would make you think of a being with a monstrous image, though actually, It’s not like that. In Hall Plain, the Deadmans were so weak, Players didn’t even consider them as normal monsters. They had some sort of intelligence and could infect others, but the infected could be completely healed if treated in time. Though of course, treatment here was impossible.


Also, they had certain characteristics…




They usually just roam around with no speed at all, but when they found a prey, the Deadmans would usually begin to run fast.


The Deadmans jumped out of the forest while screeching with delight. Its mouth hanging wide open as it dashes towards An Sol. This must’ve come as a surprise for An Hyun as he ran towards her yelling.




It wasn’t only An Hyun that was screaming.


“Ah, ack!”




It was like a scene straight out of a zombie film.


The monster’s ripped and rotten flesh hung from various parts of its body, pouncing and everyone immediately went fully panicked. Its innards could be seen through the hole on its chest, and a rock was embedded in it.


That rock was definitely the one that Park Don Gul kicked just now. These monsters must have been roaming around us after getting hit by that rock.




The Deadman seemed to be responding to the screams of the party, as the amount of growling that was coming from the forest seemed to be increasing.




“Sol! Snap out of it you dolt! Sol!!”


An Sol, who had barely managed to stand up, lost it completely when she saw the Deadman. An Hyun had ran towards her with haste, but the Deadman was faster and closer to her.


An Hyun must’ve felt it as well as he readied the hand holding the sword and swung it as hard as he could at the Deadman.




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Chapter 17