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Memorize – Chapter 14




14. Kim Su Hyeon, the Beginning to the Rite of Passage (1)



The Preparation Room.


A place that I haven’t seen for a very long time. The room was well made, anyone who is willing to spare a look at the Preparation Room would think it is a perfect replica of a room from the earth.


I came to a sudden realization, Angels do like to put effort into useless details. When I first arrived here, I even tried to open the main door to leave because of the Earth-like environment. Though of course the door wouldn’t even budge and I remembered how I wallowed in despair. I wondered if it was done on purpose for the Angel to mock us.




“3 minutes and 26 seconds… I need to hurry.”


I walked towards the large, eye-catching box that was put in the middle of the room. Touching the corner, I opened the box. Inside it was various items and equipment necessary to survive the Rite of Passage. I smelled like shit, but right now the most important thing is to find clothes to wear.


Seraph is Seraph so it didn’t matter, but I was almost naked and if I was transferred to the Rite of Passage right now, I would forever be labelled as the pervert from Rite of Passage.


Digging through the box I saw a skin-hugging cloth and instantly knew that it had extremely good stats. But I just didn’t have the confidence to wear something so revealing. After taking some things out of the box for a while, I finally found some simple clothes to use. The underwear, socks, shoes, shirts, and pants that I was wearing were all common. Though they were all dark colored to prevent stains from becoming visible.


Though considering the current difficulty of the Rite of Passage, I could beat it stark naked in a day. I could also destroy everything in the Rite of Passage if I wanted to and I wouldn’t even need to break a sweat. But I had no plans to just march through the Rite of Passage from the beginning. The number one reason I survived for 10 years in the Hall Plains was that I made sure to always hide 30% of my skills.


I would never reveal my true power unless my life was truly at stake.


‘What weapon should I use….’


When it came to choosing my weapon, I got stuck thinking for a bit. I could obliterate the boss monsters in the Rite of Passage and turn them into mincemeat just with my hand, though having a weapon would probably come in handy. Still, I had a plan of what I want to do in the Rite of Passage. So I picked one longsword and a crossbow, packed as many arrows as I could just in case, and finally closed the box.


After picking up some arrows, I looked up in the air and saw that the remaining time was turning to 0.




“Oh. Was I the last one?”




It was right then that,




I could feel the Summon spell being chanted and a sharp tug on my navel.


The summoning finally began.




The transfer was done.


Breathing in fresh air, I looked around. I could smell the aroma in the air subtly changing. Tress, grass, dirt. Seeing all those made me think that I was in the middle of a forest. The forest air was clean and the wind was also quite refreshing, but there was this unpleasant feeling engulfing the whole area.


“Well, let me see which Players I got summoned with.”


I thought that the Rite of Passage was extremely important. The Hall Plains is not a place where a lone wolf can survive. Forming a party was necessary, even if it was formed to take advantage of each other.


The Rite of Passage was a place that took modern, everyday people from their routine and forced them out of it, with the condition to ‘survive’. Another point of the Rite of Passage was for ordinary people who knew almost nothing to band together and reach the end goal.


Though I am a special case with this being my second time here, so consider me an exception for now.


Most of the time, the player who banded together and survived the Rite of Passage formed close relationships with each other during the Rite of Passage.


‘Of course, I can’t just allow just anyone to become my comrade.’


The place where I was summoned to was one of the places signalling the start of the Rite of Passage. Or in other words, the Starting Point. The 10-years veteran me could speak of things without it affecting me, but when I had been summoned here for the first time without knowing anything, I thought that everything here was dangerous.


This place was so dangerous that it was enough to give me trauma even after entering the Hall Plains.


Slowly clearing my mind, I began to look around. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who had been transferred here. I saw some people sitting looking restless out in the middle of the clearing, Apprehension evident on their faces.


“Oppa… Did you see that person suddenly appear out of nowhere?”


“Sol. Be quiet.”


“What do we do now… We are not the only ones here…”


“Stay still. That guy doesn’t look like he’s our age”


Hearing their conversation, it seems like they are brother and sister. I walked towards the clearing where the people were gathered. The atmosphere suddenly turned quiet.


Well… If they had been forced into the Rite of Passage without any warnings and were told to survive it, of course, it would have been chaos. But everyone here had been briefed by an Angel, even I had been briefed like that in the past.


‘So this is the starting point. This is the past so the people that are here must be the same people who I had met the first time… So what had happened afterwards? I don’t recall…’


Counting the number of people in the clearing, there were a total of 8 sitting around. Was it possible to form a party with these 8 for the 7 days of the Rite of Passage?


I can confidently say, ‘No.’


Conflicts would soon enough break out. This isn’t the Hall Plains, but it’s a place where you will only go through once and never come back again. With all the strength that I have, saving everyone here would be child’s play. But I didn’t want to nor did I think about saving them.


Showing off my skills in front of these people and letting them enter the Hall Plains after they saw my true power was something that I should avoid at all cost. Gossips can make a person famous or well known quite easily.


The Players in the Hall Plains took an initiative in protecting themselves, and what if they heard about a Player who can use Magic before passing the Rite of Passage or defeat an overwhelmingly powerful monster?


If such rumours were to spread, there would be so many avoidable, troublesome incidents. Not to mention the possibility of getting assassinated by ‘Rouges.’


Also, I’m not a good samaritan. There were times where I did a good deed in the Hall Plains but I’ve also committed evil things without mercy when it is necessary. Theft, plundering, raping, and even murder. Hall Plains is a place where things like these were a norm and not a single person would argue about it.


Though the most important thing right now is to choose the right people. If I met a person who is worthy to become my comrade, even if I don’t know them, I would still nurture them into becoming a proper Player for at least a year.


The first thing I planned to do after entering the Hall Plains was to gather comrades. The Rite of Passage is a suitable place to execute my plan. There were 3 criteria that I would look at when looking for my comrades. First, the Attributes and the Potential. The second is the Alignment. The Third is the Affinity. I have said a lot of things, but the gist of it is that I would rescue those who are worthy of becoming my comrades, If they aren’t then I wouldn’t care if they live or die.




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Chapter 14