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Memorize – Chapter 12




12. Using Privilege (6)



From the nose, the mouth, the ear, and the eyes. Every single hole in my body was leaking out a dark crimson coloured blood. All my senses were dull and ringing like an alarm. This was a feeling of death.


Whoosh! Whoosh!


Hwajung’s energy flared with irritation because of the blockage in my throat. If it exploded there, only a gruesome end would await me. Vertigo swept through my body and my mind felt like it had been dropped off a cliff.


I could feel the end nearing. I pulled back the energy that had rotated in a weird vortex in my throat and back down to my abdomen. I was lucky, the energy obediently followed my order and moved down.


‘It has to go through no matter what.’


One… Two… Three… The energy whirled around a total of ten times as it was reaching its last stage. Thinking this would be the last one, I led the energy towards my head once more. I didn’t even care about the pain that I was going to feel.




A shock shook my whole body. My throat felt refreshed as it unclogged it and continued to path towards my head. Hwajung, like before, used its energy to cover my whole head.


I couldn’t see anything. Thankfully that was its extent. My eyes were going crazy. It made the world look like a white field. I couldn’t feel anything else, as if my memory was jumbled up.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!


I could hardly understand what was happening. Hwajung kept asking me why I had refused it as it made its temper known and moved around in my head non-stop. It felt like my brain was literally melting.


Pain? Honestly, when the energy first pierced through me, there was a refreshing feeling. But as my vision and senses slowly returned, I finally felt it. A pain that I would never want to experience ever again.




If I could, I would’ve screamed at the top of my lungs. The pain that I’m experiencing is long past what an ordinary human could endure, a pain that was on a whole other level. Do you know how it feels like to dunk their head in a blasting furnace? Or the feeling of dunking yourself in oil and throwing yourself into a pit of fire? It didn’t matter how many obstacles I had overcome and the hardship I had suffered through, at this moment, I just wished for a swift death.


A huge explosion could be seen occurring outside of my body, racking through my entire body. The explosion started from my head, the Eternally Blazing Flame, Hwajung started to claim ownership over my body bit by bit. Every single cell in my body that Hwajung’s energy touched began to sizzle, though I felt no more pain going through me, but there’s a rather pleasant warmth enveloping me.


A few moments later, my vision returned though it was cloudy. I still couldn’t move my body. Lifting my eyelids that felt like they weighed a ton, I saw the pale-faced Seraph who was looking at me blankly.


‘Am I still alive…?’


If I have to go through that excruciating pain once more, then I’d rather die.


The last stage was relatively easy compared to leading the Hwajung to my head. I slowly gathered all the energy Hwajung had spread throughout my body and gently pulled them to my heart. I did not know what the Hwajung think of me, but it obediently followed my order and moved


I had only activated the magic that’s contained inside the Ancient Shaman Seal tattoo. Hwajung seems to be satisfied with going crazy earlier that it obediently entered my heart. I felt it neatly settling down.


“Su-Hyeon! Su-Hyeon!”


I fainted right after that. I didn’t even have a moment to feel relieved.






How much time has passed?




Barely managing to open my eyes, the ashen bricks that made the Summoning Room came into view. Fortunately, it looked like I still had some more time left before I had to enter the Rite of Passage. I know I will drift off to sleep if I do close my eyes. I used all my energy to lift my head off the ground.


As I thought, there were message windows floating in the air. I laid on the floor to rest my head back and started to read the messages.








Dazed, I read the messages one by one. When I saw the message about my Vitality point, it felt like cold water had been dumped on me as I returned back to reality. After reading the messages, I bit my lips. Seraph’s voice entered my ears not soon after.


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon. Have you regained your senses? Are you okay, Player Kim Su-Hyeon!”


Well, at least I know now that I have recovered my hearing. I was about to lash out saying that you should know about my physical state at the owner of the annoying voice that is always interrupting my thoughts.


“— — —-”


‘Wh-what? Why is there no voice coming out…?”


My voice wasn’t coming out. No, my voice did come out but it only sounded like a harsh rattle. My voice was gone. My heart sank. No matter how hard I tried to speak, only air was produced through my throat.



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Chapter 12