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Memorize – Chapter 11




11. Using Privilege (5)



“I really need you. So please, check me out yourself. Decide yourself whether I am worthy of borrowing your strength as your partner or not. Make your decision, and give me your answer.’


In one quick breath, hot air and fire were exhaled out of my nose.


‘Okay, I understand.’


It was dangerously close, but I managed to get Hwajung’s approval.


Preparing myself, I guided the Hwajung through my body quickly. The first part was the right and the left arms. I felt the Hwajung splitting its energy and sending a huge amount of it towards the two directions. As I guided it through the circuit and the bloodstream, I felt the energy gushing through like waves crashing. The Hwajung quickly went over every single cell in my body, even the smallest acupoint of my body.


Gurgle! Gurgle!


Tuk! Tuk! Tuk! Tuk!


I felt a strange feeling of bubbles popping in the blood of my body, it felt good but painful at the same time. The refreshing sound of a clogged blood vessel slowly unclogging while producing a popping sound. The effect was incredible even if the clogged blood vessel had been forcefully opened. The Hwajung even penetrated the acupoint at the tip of my finger, which was a hard part to penetrate through during my prime.


Simultaneously, yellowish liquids and blackish liquids started to ooze out from the surface of my skin and evaporated because of the heat. All the waste and impurities; hidden in all parts of my body, was burned by Hwajung as it passed through my circuit and burned everything that blocked its path. This would usually be a good thing, but I couldn’t celebrate nor think about it right now.


Though I had only been guiding it through my arms, I felt like the world was spinning. I had been gently coaxing the energy to return to my body’s centre. Fortunately, the Hwajung seemed to be satisfied with my arms, and it complied to my will without fighting. As the energy that had once been in my arms retracted, my arms dangled without any energy, the shock I had received literally made me lose my arms’ senses.


At this point, I was worried that I might lose my arms but I have no wish to undo what had just happened. The Hwajung pestered me to quickly let it go to a different part of my body, so I quickly guided it through my legs. It silently jostled down my back as it came nearer to my legs, without zero patience, it rushed to my legs like a huge wave crashing down.


Gurgle! Gurgle!


Tuk! Tuk! Tuk! Tuk!


It was no different from what had happened to my arms. The result was still the same. As the Hwajung left, my legs couldn’t bear the pain and again, I lost my sensation in another body part. I dropped to the ground with a thud. My current Resistance, Vitality and Magic Power, at best, could only seem to keep my body from breaking apart.


The Hwajung, without a care in the world, went around my body playing energetically like a fish swimming in the waters for the first time, causing an explosion to go off throughout my worn-out body. I was literally moments away from going crazy. I wanted to faint because of the hammering pain that was present in every part of my body, but my strong resolve managed to help me hold my mind together.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!


Every time I heard the explosion, a jolt went through my heart and my blood became hotter.


‘Isn’t there any more places for me to check?’


Hwajung voiced its question.


I braced myself and asked for it to wait for me to gather more energy first. Then, I would lead it to the last part, My head.


With the Hwajung nearing my head, I felt fear for the first time. It was true fear. I was at a point where I don’t even want to imagine the pain I would experience if it pierced through my head. Then,


‘I don’t have to do this… Maybe I should just stop now? Do I even have to lead it to my head like this? Didn’t it check enough of my body?’


The voice that had been whispering in my ears resembled Hwajung’s gentle voice. I was about to agree with it but immediately snapped out of it and shook my head. The rational part of myself told me to stop, but my instinct had already finished guiding the energy to my head.


‘Idiot. Don’t you know you could die?’


“It’s only this much…”


I was done preparing myself.


Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.


My mind was screaming at me to stop, but my body didn’t give a care and remained faithful to my instincts. I screamed out as I sent off the Hwajung through the vessel leading to my head.


“Don’t underestimate me!!”


I subconsciously spat out those words but my will was conveyed. The energy that had been in my core began to swirl into life. The energy started to build up one after another, and only stopped right below the abdomen.


Using every strain of strength that I had, I blazed the energy up, leaving a trail of fierce burst of energy as the Hwajung entered my throat in an instant







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Chapter 11