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Memorize – Chapter 10




10. Using Privilege (4)



Silence filled the Summoning Room. Not a word was uttered. But I was sure that in her mind, she was calculating at a speed which no human can fathom.


I felt bad, seeing her trying to figure out what I am aiming to do, but there was no way I was going to spoil my plan just yet.


Tattoos are usually etched on the skin. However, it’s possible to etch the tattoo on the heart using the Ancient Magic, Magic Engraving.


The most important things for a Player to use magic are the heart and the pathways. Tattoos that directly and indirectly affect the magic efficiency are always engraved on the heart. The possibility of things to mess up was always there when this procedure is being done.


However, the Ancient Shaman’s Seal is different.


Even if I had mentioned any other ordinary tattoo, Seraph and I would still be arguing a lot. If I had picked a random tattoo to be etched on my heart, the amount of complications that might arise is countless.


The Ancient Shaman’s Seal is different compared to other normal tattoos because it has a total of 2 abilities.


The first ability is the tattoo is able to stabilise heavy influx of magic power. The second one is the tattoo is able to assist in increasing the efficiency of the Magic Power’s flow rate.


I’m sure that Seraph is to decide if it’s possible for her to give the tattoo to me because of the huge benefit the Ancient Shaman’s Seal would give me. I was slightly nervous as I waited for her to say something. This tattoo was the final puzzle piece that I needed to ensure my plan succeeded. After a long silence, Seraph’s lips finally parted.






“I shall approve of Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s request. I predict that exactly 5 minutes and 7 seconds will be taken. I shall begin the process immediately.”




In a second, the air in front of me was filled with Ancient Characters that emit a bright blue light. They formed an oval and began to circle around my body. With the Ancient Characters surrounding me, I was thrown into a trance where I heard the countless voices of Shamans everywhere.


After 5 minutes. One by one, the Ancient Characters that were circling me were getting absorbed into my heart.


I didn’t feel any pain even though it was entering my heart. Rather, I felt more energized each time a character entered my heart. After the last character entered me, I could finally wrap up the procedure.


I wasn’t sure if anything had changed because I didn’t feel any difference but I could easily figure it out by using magic power, so I immediately started to check it out.




I thought I would experience a harder time trying to use my increased Magic Power but, to my surprise, It is actually quite the opposite. My Magic Power seemed to be flowing through my pathways quite smoothly.


The procedure was a huge success. I could feel my plan succeeding now.


“This is good. Seraph, how much time is left.”


“There’s only 48 minutes and 39 seconds left till the Rite of Passage.”


48 minutes and 39 seconds. I licked my dry lips. Seeing that Seraph wasn’t nagging me, she must’ve thought that there is plenty of time left. But according to my estimation, time is tight.


I would have to gamble for the fifth privilege. The danger is so great that I can’t guarantee getting out of this alive. But when I weighed the pros and cons, I knew this was unavoidable. I steeled myself for what’s to come, I continued on with the fifth privilege.


5. Player Kim Su-Hyeon is able to choose one type of equipment with no type restriction. However Exclusive (EX) ranked equipment cannot be selected.


This was a privilege that had quite a vast amount of selection. A sword, a shield, an elixir, accessories… However, If I had chosen such useless items then I would’ve wasted the Ancient Shaman’s Seal tattoo’s potential. This was how much I needed to get what I planned to get for the fifth privilege.


“Seraph, I would like to request for the Fire of Hwajung.”


“Acknowledging Player Kim Su-Hyeon’s request….?”


She ended her sentence with a strange tone. As the tone of her voice suddenly changed to a questioning one at the end.


‘Did I get caught?’


There is a high possibility of her figuring out my plan. However, it seems that my request had gone through as a small marble-like thing appeared on Seraph’s right hand, emitting a blood red hue.






None of us speak at all. But one look into Seraph’s eyes and I knew what was happening. She has no plan to give me the marble. It seems like I guessed it correctly as Seraph’s face morphed into a strict one and she was shooting me a glare that could pierce through a skull.


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon”


“The Tanay…”


“I know. But this is different. It doesn’t matter if the Tanay is in use or not, but I cannot comply when the request causes harm towards the player.”


“Your nagging and ‘advices’ does not interest me Seraph. Stop and just give Hwajung to me. I need the Fire of Hwajung. Did you think I didn’t think about the dangers when I asked you to etch the Ancient Shaman’ Seal on my heart?”


“I respect your creativity. But for a human to risk themself even after knowing the risk…. It is truly remarkable. But that’s just it.”




“Player Kim Su-Hyeon. I’m curious… How much do you actually know about the Fire of Hwajung?”


“… I only know that it’s a fire that can burn everything.”


“You’re not wrong. The Fire of Hwajung also goes under another name. The Eternal Blazing Inferno. This infamous fire is known by everyone because of the destructive power of the Blazing Hellfire. The Hwajung can be called the hottest, purest fire because of it’s dangerous power. This fire is meant for destruction.”


“I know. I know all that so just hand it over.”


“Resistance value is 92. Magic Power value is 90. Success rate after calculation is 21%. Factoring in the Ancient Shaman’s Seal, the success rate is 42%. In other words, Player Kim Su-Hyeon has a 58% rate of failure.”


Seraph’s desperate attempts to dissuade me are fruitless. No matter how hard she tried. The privilege is still ranked as Tanay. I wasn’t sure if she could act out on her own accord, but my decision stands strong. So, I stretched out my right hand and requested for the Hwajung again.


“Then there’d be no problem if I just succeed, right?”


Having said that, Seraph would probably not listen to me anymore as she was hanging by the thread with her plea.


“There’s no need to talk about the consequences of failing, because even if you succeed there’d be drawbacks as well. Fail, and you’ll lose your life. Succeed, then there’d be drawbacks.”


“I’m sure the privilege stated that I could take on any equipment as long as it isn’t Ex rank equipment. Is Hwajung Ex ranked?”


“Originally, the Fire of Hwajung was Ex rank. as long as the equipment exists within Hall Plain, another one of the same equipment would never make an appearance. Merely attempting to grasp it is only a distant dream, but because of the balance adjustments, it was granted an S rank but the danger is still there no m-”


She still won’t stop talking. I feel much more tired now. I lifted my hand up, I stopped her from uttering another word. I would listen to her rant on and on any other day, but the remaining time was the only thing stopping me from doing so. Then I realised something.


‘Is she trying to waste my time so that I get forcefully summoned to the Rite of Passage?’


“I don’t want to argue with you anymore.”


“It will be difficult to attempt to gain the fire of Hwajung with your current Resistance and Magic Power Attribute of a little over 90, and even if you have Vitality at 78 points, it’d still be impossible. I understand your confidence but please think about it again.


Of course Seraph would worry about me. Her worried pleas are filled with feelings that if any normal person even heard it, would instantly cave into her request. But I couldn’t do that. If I could compromise the Fire of Hwajung for something else, then it would be something that is better than Hwajung. If I gave up Hwajung this easily…


“The time I need to recover after receiving the Hwajung isn’t short. If we waste anymore time, then I would probably be half-dead when time runs out.”


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon.”


“I’m not going to argue anymore. The Fire of Hwajung, I am completely certain about this.”


I spoke with a cold voice. I wasn’t sure if she noticed that I was being completely serious or if she, in the end, couldn’t refuse the Tanay, but Seraph slowly moved her fingers. Her face filled with displeasure and after a while, sent the Hwajung in my direction.


“I can assure you. Even if you succeed, you will one day regret receiving the Fire of Hwajung.




The thing gently drifting towards me is the Fire of Hwajung.


The concentration of the purest fire.
An Eternally Blazing Inferno.


There was no need to prepare. I had already been preparing to take this path since a long time ago. Not to mention the time needed to recover from the aftermath, I knew I am running out of time.


The Hwajung slowly drifted towards my mouth and flew straight into it.




I have finally obtained the Hwajung. Relief and joy rushed into me.


Swallowing with a gulp, I felt the round marble travelling down my oesophagus.


Now, the real battle starts.



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