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Memorize – Chapter 1




1. Code Zero, 10 year rewind (1)

Player status
1. Name: Kim Su-Hyeon (10 years)
2. Class: Normal, Sword User, Master
3. Race: Terran
4. Clan: ---
5. Nationality: Korean
6. Sex: Male (33)
7. Height - Weight: 181.5 cm - 75.5 kg
8. Alignment: Lawful-Chaotic
[Strength 86] [Resistance 92] [Agility 96] [Vitality 78] [Magic Power 48] [Luck 36]
(You Have Zero Remaining Attribute Points)
Achievements (21)
Unique ability (1/1)
Latent ability (4/4)


‘I can’t think of anything. My mind is blank and I roll the marble that is in my left hand.’


‘My mind went blank after I rolled the marble that was in my left hand.’



“Player Kim Su-Hyeon”



10 years. During those long 10 years, I’ve achieved the thing I’ve been yearning and dreaming about. Realization filled my heart, and the pain from my heart bothered me.


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon. May I ask you something again?”


A soft but beautiful voice whispered into my ear. As I heard that voice and lifted my face, I was greeted with a floor made of gray bricks. When my eyes looked up at the spacious room, my trailing gaze stopped.


The summoner’s room, a place where all things are born and where all things die.


And a being with white wings that shined brightly stood.


I felt empty and I focused my gaze on the ‘angel’.


“I will confirm player Kim Su-Hyeon’s request again. Do you really wish to rewind time to when you first started as a player?”


“I do.”


I slowly nodded and stared at the angel that was in front of my eyes.


The angel was really beautiful, she looked flawless with perfect skin, clothes that were slightly risque, revealing only a bit of what was underneath.


And the angel kept staring at me.


However, I did not forget about my hunger. The angel’s beautiful, sorrowful eyes, could not shake my dead heart. I had completely lost my emotions after ‘that day’.


“10 years was enough time for me to gain the resolve to have this conversation. Seraph, I’m tired. I won’t say anything else. I will use Code Zero no matter what you say.”


Grasping the sphere-like object, I felt power starting to course through me. Seraph asked if I had noticed the rise of power in me even if it had been for just a short time. Soon her face started to show hints of regrets. It seems that Seraph has not yet given up on persuading me to stop.


“The ownership of Code Zero has already been given to Player Kim Su-Hyeon. We do not have any more rights to temper nor touch it. That’s why I find it a waste. A very powerful object being used to simply turn back time.”




“This is the final confirmation. Player Kim Su-Hyeon, do you really want to repeat those 10 years of torture?”


Suddenly, I started to laugh for no reason at all. My laughter filled the silent room.


This isn’t Earth. This is another world called ‘The Hall Plain’ where the daily life here is different from the one enjoyed by modern civilization.


I gently closed my eyes as I reminisced my memory of the things that I had been through. I entered the Hall Plain when I was 23 years old, which was 10 years ago. I still had my memories of when I lived on Earth.


Only the thought of returning back home has been occupying me after finishing my military service*. I was riding the train back home, after sending my report, when I fell asleep.


PR/N: If you didn’t know, all males are required to serve in the military between the age of 18-28 in South Korea (Optional for females).


When I opened my eyes, I was already summoned into the ‘Summon Room’. And in front of me, she was flapping her white wings that could only exist in a fantasy world.


It was a situation where he didn’t know what to do nor know what was happening. It was shocking for me as I had dreamt of returning back home.


It wasn’t a dream nor was it a hallucination. I had barely accepted this reality and begged the angel to send me back home, but I was moved to a place to prove myself called the ‘Rites of Passage’.


Only after barely enduring a week of uncountable threats was it possible to obtain the qualification of becoming a ‘User’, those who entered the ‘Hall Plain’. The Hall Plain was the true beginning.


If the Rites of Passage was a 7 days survival royale, then the Hall Plains is an unnerving moment of not knowing when you’re going to die.


I adapted quickly to Hall Plain’s system just to survive this extraordinary world. Because it was said that you could go back if you reach the end.


Giving the angel all my trust, I was active for 10 whole years.


Yes, I just wanted to go back. I can’t just leave the relationships that I’ve built up back at home.


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon, what are you thinking about?…”


The moment I thought about ‘relationship’, a very familiar emotion arose in my heart. I shook my head fiercely. “I was just reminiscing over some old memories. Seeing as you asked me for confirmation must mean that you have at least a little bit of conscience, right?”




“Right. Thanks to you, I had to go through 10 years of unnecessary suffering.”


“Player Kim Su-Hyeon.”


I was looking at Seraph, trying to figure out what she was going to say next, and saw Seraph’s hard gaze on me. The moment I was going to ask her to stop, her soft luscious lips parted and let out a soft sounding voice.


“If you’re thinking about users Kim Yoo-Hyun and Han So-young, then I think I know what you want. Currently, the GP you own is enough for you to ‘wish’ many times. Even if you don’t use the Code Zero to go back, you can still bring them back…”


‘I hate to admit it, but she was right.’


I somehow knew those words would come out. Before Seraph could finish speaking, I pulled my sword from its sheath and swung it with all my might.






An ear puncturing sound resounded in the room. The wave that I had produced shook the altar where Seraph had been sitting, but that was it. The wave disappeared without even leaving a scratch on the white shield that had been put up by Seraph.



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Chapter 1